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Hyperemisis - not coping

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keepingfingerscrossed Sat 22-Apr-17 13:44:12

Sorry if this isn't the right board to post on but couldn't see another that looked suitable.

I am 7+4 and knew I was pregnant before my period was even missed due to the awful intense feelings of sickness and nausea. This is my third HG pregnancy and I already feel desperate. With my first I was ill right up to delivery and with my second I started to feel a lot better at 24 weeks.

I feel as though I have been pregnant for ages already and just don't know how I will make it through the next 33 weeks (if I am unlucky).

I feel so sad because I can't do anything but lie flat and I am stuck in bed. My little ones (3 and 1) are heading out with my husband and I can't join them. My eldest keeps coming in to ask me if I am okay and asked me the other day if I was going to die - I obviously re-assured him I just wasn't feel well at the moment but being poorly has happened so quickly and I am clearly not myself that it's obviously been a big shock for him. I feel so guilty that I can't spend time with them at the moment.

Clutching at straws just wondering what if anything might have helped other people in a similar scenario. All the things that slightly helped me previously are having no impact this time and I am beside myself about the prospect of the weeks ahead.

Thanks in advance xx

Chintaria Sat 22-Apr-17 22:40:40

Hi keeping, didn't want to read & run - you poor thing. I know exactly how debilitating HG is, and it is just horrendous. Did you take medication in your last two pregnancies? Is that what you mean when you say nothing's helping?
I would recommend popping over to the Hyperemisis Support thread if you haven't already. The ladies on there are going through this too, and at least you can support each other.
I've had HG 5 times (2 children) and the last time I was so ill I remember feeling like I wouldn't care if I died. It's just awful, and I really feel for you.
Do you have other help with your kids when your dh is at work? Please try not to feel guilty about your children - it may seem a long time to you, but they are both little and probably neither of them will remember it when they are older.
Thinking of you, just take it one day at a time & you will get through it flowers

ohidoliketobe Sat 22-Apr-17 22:50:23

Hi OP.

I suffered dreadfully with my 2 pregnancies and hand on heart it's the main thing that puts me off a third DC. People just don't understand how awful it is unless they've been through it flowers

Get onto the HM support group on here, get to your doctors if you havent already. With my 1st pregnancy the midwife was rubbish and made me feel a bit mars for complaining angry. I was taken a bit more seriously with my second pregnancy but I suffered quite bad allergic reactions to the anti sickness meds they tried me with. From about 24 weeks onwards ranitidine seemed to take the edge off and I was only sick once a day (massive improvement). It might take a bit of tiral and error but there are lots of meds they can try you with.

It's shit.

ohidoliketobe Sat 22-Apr-17 22:50:54


keepingfingerscrossed Sun 23-Apr-17 10:31:27

Thank you both. I found the HG support thread shortly after posting this so I've had some lovely support on there already.

I'm not on any medication - didn't take it in previous pregnancies either as my doctors are pretty reluctant to prescribe but I've had some great tips on that on the HG board so going to go back to GP to discuss this again.

This is a very surprising 3rd pregnancy - I'm 40 and not TtC at all (after previous fertility treatments with number 1) so it's a huge shock as never expected to be in this position again. Unfortunately I work 4 very full on days a week in a high pressure job and am the main breadwinner and only came back from previous mat leave a few months ago so am really trying not to take time off work as already will be a shock to everyone I will be on mat leave again - I feel so pressured about this. My husband works 4 days too and we use nursery and grandparents to help out on the days we are both working but they don't know about this pregnancy yet. Trying to keep it under wraps until 13 weeks. My husband is taking the brunt of looking after the kids and housework at the moment.

I completely understand the feeling so poorly you feel like you're dying. I said the same to my husband last night. This week has been the worst so far.

So sorry you both suffered. You are so right - no-one understands except fellow sufferes. It's so isolating.

Thanks both for your support xx

janeje Sun 23-Apr-17 16:19:14

I had this bad for 16 weeks and was throwing up every couple of hours or thereabouts, so I very much sympathize with you. I found a few things worked to help reduce the intensity of this sickness.
Often eat crackers and drink no to morning sickness tea. That helped me alot. I wouldn't let my stomach get to empty cause then I would get really sick. hope this helps.

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