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Antenatal class

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user1482248732 Fri 21-Apr-17 10:41:34

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could reassure me on this. I've just booked onto an antenatal class-starting tomorrow. The classes are for July-August due dates. My baby is due in August but I'm also a little bit worried I'm not that far along yet, so might be a bit weird to go? I'll be 25 weeks tomorrow and I'm not that big yet.

The reason I'm not going to the next set of classes (August-September) is that my husband's going away for his brother's wedding and will miss 3 out of the 6 classes. I don't have any family near me who could come to them. I read a recent post on hear about sorting antenatal classes ASAP which is why I sorted it today.

I'm probably worrying over nothing (my favourite hobby) but I'm just worried about not being as far along as most will be and I won't fit in. Most go 8-10 weeks before the due date....

user1482248732 Fri 21-Apr-17 10:42:24

here not hear*

Sparklyuggs Fri 21-Apr-17 12:13:35

I'm a FTM so not started my own antenatal classes but it sounds sensible to me as you want your OH there. When in August are you due? If it's late August you might feel a bit behind July/ early August babies, but babies come at all sorts of times so there's no guarantees that an August antenatal group would all deliver then anyway!

As a separate note, there's a few of us from the Antenatal board with a Facebook group for august, if you are interested just pm me.

haveacupoftea Fri 21-Apr-17 12:50:18

Don't worry its fine to go a bit earlier - better too early than too late!

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