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What can I take for chest infection at 38 weeks

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harleysmammy Fri 21-Apr-17 10:07:33

I caught my grandfathers chest infection (he has last stage parkinsons and has an infection of some sort all the time) and have been coughing my lungs up for 3 days. I'm also in early labour, been contracting every 4 minutes for 2 days but since I've had this infection it hasn't progressed closer so the hospital are thinking of letting me go home. The doctor and the midwives are saying I can't take anything for it & to just let it pass, but I'm literally peeing every time I cough and it's starting to really hurt my tummy. I'm not usually one to go against midwives / doctors advise but at this rate I'm gunna knacker myself out before active labour has even begun. Even if it's just them soother sweet things, can I take them?

Orangedaisy Fri 21-Apr-17 10:09:55

Erm, while I really feel for you, it sounds like you really should follow the doctor and midwife advice. I hope baby puts in an appearance and you feel better soon.

Emma2803 Fri 21-Apr-17 11:30:09

You might as well suck boiled sweets as take cough sweets, do the same job (coat the throat) I'm assuming you are in hospital as you have said they might let you go home? And that if you are in hospital they will have sounded your chest and done other tests to determine if you have bacterial or viral infection?
In any case it is very common to for a cough to last up to 3 weeks and to be perfectly honest cough remedies are not gonna make it go away any quicker. You could try sipping water so your throat doesn't get to dry or drinking hot water with honey and lemon/blackcurrant can be very soothing if your throat is sore! Hope baby arrives soon!!

Emma2803 Fri 21-Apr-17 11:31:18

Ps be careful about too many of the sweets as they will give you the runs!!

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