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Travel insurance while pregnant

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FeedMyFaceWithBattenberg Thu 20-Apr-17 15:25:08

Hello everyone!

I am pregnant, but before we found this out we booked our honeymoon to Florida for two weeks in September. I should be just okay to fly.
Can anyone recommend a good travel insurance company for pregnancy?
Thank you smile

Sparklyuggs Thu 20-Apr-17 15:41:34

Ravenhall are good and cover up to 36 weeks. I have a preexisting condition they don't cover so I use staysure who cover to 28 weeks. I simply couldn't get insurance to the States past 28 weeks which also covered my other condition.

FeedMyFaceWithBattenberg Thu 20-Apr-17 15:49:56

I have epilepsy too...I presume ravenhall won't cover that? But I guess like you I could have two policies!

arbrighton Thu 20-Apr-17 15:55:34

You can't not declare the epilepsy though. That would probably constitute insurance fraud and invalidate the policy

Where in Florida are you going? As I understand it, there is still active Zika virus in some areas of the state.

FeedMyFaceWithBattenberg Thu 20-Apr-17 16:26:27

I'm obviously going to declare it.
But it's not on their list of pre existing conditions.
We're going to Orlando, there's no Zika there.

Sparklyuggs Thu 20-Apr-17 16:29:24

Sorry I have one policy with Staysure which covers both Pregnancy and my heart condition. How pregnant will you be when you go? The US has great healthcare but it can cost £100,000 for a premature birth when you include neonatal care so going without insurance is very risky. Ravenhall may cover epilepsy though so worth checking with them.

Obsidian77 Thu 20-Apr-17 16:33:18

What do you mean by 'just ok' to fly? How many weeks will you be?

AmberLin Thu 20-Apr-17 16:38:11

do ravenhall cover for premature birth in the states then>? I am due to fly to Houston when i am 31 weeks, back at 32 but had decided against going incase the baby makes an early arrival. Will they cover all the care needed for a premature baby?

FeedMyFaceWithBattenberg Thu 20-Apr-17 17:11:00

I certainly won't go without insurance.
I will be 29 weeks when we go. 31 weeks when we return.

DeliciouslyHella Thu 20-Apr-17 18:47:22

Just to chime in here... The whole state of Florida is considered 'moderate risk' and the FCO recommends pregnant women should consider postponing non-essential travel. Obviously, it's down to personal choice.

We were due to go 2 weeks ago, but chose to cancel as I am pregnant. We got a full refund from BA.

DeliciouslyHella Thu 20-Apr-17 18:47:50

Moderate risk for zika, I mean!

arbrighton Thu 20-Apr-17 19:36:37

And i managed to put myself at risk by going to singapore then falling pregnant on that same trip.

I am trying not to worry, but the extra monitoring in itself is a pain in the bum, never mind the risk, however small, that our baby is going to have problems.

OhSoCheekyChick Thu 20-Apr-17 19:42:25

Congrats on the bump!!

Have you double checked US immigration policy on allowing us pregnant gals in with less than 6 months to go? They can be particularly antsy and concerned that you're going to stay and give birth during your 6 months visitors visa....

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