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So what do I really need for my hospital bag?

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knorrig Thu 20-Apr-17 14:19:38

More of a question to those who've done it before!

There's lots of lists about but I wondered from voices of experience what I really needed?

I'm 30+5 and have a real feeling he'll come early so thought I'd better start getting sorted!

Blumkin Thu 20-Apr-17 14:23:14

Apart from usual baby clothes, maternity pads, etc

Straws - gas and air makes me thirsty but I couldn't hold a cup during contracting.dh would just point the straw towards me and I could drink without spilling anything

A gift for the midwives (box of chocolates and a card to say thanks)

If planning to breastfeed a tube of lansinoh nipple cream (comes in a purple tube)

MrsBartlettforthewin Thu 20-Apr-17 15:19:11

Snacks, more for afterwards as during they make me through up. But afterwards I crave sugar- starburst are my go to.

Slippers/ thick socks and a dressing gown never mind how hot the mat ward is after birth I'm always cold.

My own pillow.

Fragglez Thu 20-Apr-17 15:26:11

Non fizzy energy drinks in case it is a long labour - ideally in a bottle with a sports top so you can drink at any angle.

Gentle soap for the shower afterwards (in case of tears / stitches. I used baby wash.

Paracetamol for dp. The last thing i wanted to hear was that he had a headache!

EdgarAllenPoe Thu 20-Apr-17 19:09:30

I wish I'd packed tweezers! I was in for nearly a week altogether. My scratchy chin hairs drove me bonkers! Despite all the indignities childbirth involves, which I was fine with, I was still too proud to ask anyone to bring me some.

ruthieruthuk Thu 20-Apr-17 22:01:20

Lounge wear / Nightwear
Plenty underwear
Maternity pads
Change of clothes
Hairbrush / Combe

Body suits
Sleep suits
Blanket or u could just use hospital ones
Water wipes

Wouldn't bother packing snacks, drinks, hospitals usually stock stuff, and partners usually happy to fetch stuff from shop as of when required, gives them some time out, lol!

Blumkin Sat 22-Apr-17 21:44:45

Oh, and a baby nail file. Dd was born with razor blade nails, and had scratched her face in the first few minutes of being born.

HeyMicky Sat 22-Apr-17 21:49:32

Separate snacks for your DH/DP <hungry voice of experience>

Anditstartsagain Sat 22-Apr-17 21:49:35

Snacks and magazines both my babies either slept of fed the first few days I had nothing else to do but eat and read. I couldnt sleep with everyone buzzing about. I was only in 22 hours then 36 hours (only because i had emcs) after so never needed much and anything I wanted could be brought to me. If you end up being induced bring movies it's so long and boring.

mum2be2boys Mon 24-Apr-17 01:05:44

I agree with previous suggestions of straws and a baby nail file. I couldn't get over the size and sharpness of my son's nails! I also used lip balm a lot which I don't really use normally.

raviolidreaming Mon 24-Apr-17 06:28:22

Separate snacks for your DH/DP

They can pack their own snacks - you've got enough to think about!

CaptainWarbeck Mon 24-Apr-17 06:51:47

I'd take a nice mini of shower gel for washing after the birth - I had a Molton Brown one and it was a bit of luxury to get rid of all the yukkinness of birth in the shower.

Phone charger, kindle, headphones for postnatal ward when baby is sleeping

Coffeepleeeaase Mon 24-Apr-17 07:08:10

iPad and headphones ! I was in the hospital for a long while my waters broke early and then went on to have a prem baby. If I hadn't of had the iPad with netflix I would have lost my mind haha ! Especially on the post natal 4 bed ward !!
Some really nice shower gel and coffee sachets

kel1493 Fri 28-Apr-17 22:08:40

I had been having contractions for 4 days, the head wasn't fully engaged, so my waters wouldn't break naturally. Had a sweep, then went to the birth centre later that night.

I had:
For the baby:
(We chose not to find out the sex, so only got enough for the hospital before the birth, as we wanted to get pink or blue after).
3 Vests (bodysuits)
3 Babygrows (sleep suits), with built in mittens
5 bibs
2 hats
2 pairs of mittens
A cardigan
Vaseline (used as nappy cream)
Cotton wool
A plastic pot for warm water
A special going home outfit (babygrow and hand knitted cardigan for us)
Cellular blanket
Car seat
Towel (in case it was needed)
Starter pack of formula (as I knew I wouldn't even be trying breastfeeding)
(Dh could easily have popped home if we needed anything else).

For me:
2 dark coloured long nighties
A tankini (for the pool)
A towel and flannels (for after pool and after the shower)
Black pyjamas (to sleep in/ wear in the hospital after the birth)
Clothes for going home (I chose black tracksuit bottoms, black t shirt and a black jacket)
Large black knickers (I didn't want disposable ones so I got cheap full brief style ones)
Bras (comfy ones)
(I chose black as any stains were less likely to show)
Toiletries (hairbrush and bands, shower gel, deodorant)
Breast pads (1 box)
Maternity pads (2 packs)
Phone charger
My tens machine (most important as it helped me so much)
Cold drinks
My 4 head headache stick (very essential as I suffer from headaches)

For my husband and extras:
A change of clothes for him
Change for the shop
Money for the taxi home

I think that's pretty much it.
I was glad we had drinks with us as it meant he didn't have to go off to the shop and things.
Good luck

knorrig Sat 29-Apr-17 09:19:37

Thank you all! Getting packing this weekend!

GreenGoblin0 Sat 29-Apr-17 09:49:23

tip for drinks - took my own water bottle and refilled it with water hospital supplied as they only had horrible polystyrene cups.

I also froze some cartons of orange juice with straws in advance and took them into hospital in a cool bag. was lovely and refreshing after labour

beekeeper17 Sat 29-Apr-17 10:02:35

Pen and notebook. If you're like me in the first few days after the birth you'll need to write down important things the midwives tell you so you don't forget! And useful for keeping track of wet and dirty nappies, feeding times etc, and filling in your menu choice card! Flip flops are handy for just slipping on without having to bend over to pull them on.

Useful to have an extra bag in the car with extra supplies, nappies, sleepsuits etc. I ended up being in for quite a few days and DH could just bring whatever else I needed from the car rather than having to look for it in the house.

AnyFarrahFowler Sat 29-Apr-17 13:12:18

However many maternity pads you think you'll need, double it. I didn't take nearly enough and the ones the hospital provide are tiny - I had to use 4 at once! And had to keep asking for more because I got through them so quickly! blush

I second the card and chocolates for the lovely midwives.

Starlight85 Sat 29-Apr-17 23:12:28

I put ear plugs in my bag at the last minute after reading somewhere someone recommending them. I had to be induced and without them I wouldn't have got any sleep the night I went in to be induced.

1stTimeRounder Sun 30-Apr-17 21:18:51

Bump .... some great tips. I'm 34 wks tomorrow and feeling the need to start packing my hospital bag. Love the tip about the frozen orange juice Greengoblin !

mrsBeverleygoldberg Sun 30-Apr-17 22:15:02

Don't get 'always' pads with the little holes in. Get the sort that are completely smooth. My stitches got caught in the small holes.
Energy drinks for labour. Sports cap so you can drink in any position.
Baby wipes as meconium poo is sticky.
Some sort of botty cream for the baby. Ds1's bum bled without cream.
A flannel. With ds2 I found a cold flannel soothing. Also I was drooling, so dh used it for that. I am not sure how the drooling happened...blush

FlapAttack78 Mon 01-May-17 13:43:36

Th typical list stuff and

For you

Lots of cheap crap big pants. .I bought 10 x primark black pants.. cheap enough to just bin
The massive maternity pads. . Bigger the better.. loads of them
The maternity pad sheets to put under you
Dressing gown
Capri sun's for the labour 10 pack minimum!

FlapAttack78 Mon 01-May-17 13:46:36

Change for the car park IN ADVANCE! !! I remember being in 1 minute contaction mode in the car while husband went into shell garage to go and get change haha! When I got to hospital I was 8cm dilated haha...

Something to catch sick in if you're sick on way to hospital.

Nipple cream

Pregnancy pillow thing

FlapAttack78 Mon 01-May-17 13:47:07

Ha oh yes for stuff for shower after etc.. I hadn't thought of bringong shampoo etc

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