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Strep B in pregnancy, any experiences?

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witsender Wed 19-Apr-17 20:14:05

I've just had the call to say that I have it, so need antibiotics and regular testing through pregnancy...Followed by intravenous antibiotics in labour.

Has anyone​ had this?

Pigeonpost Wed 19-Apr-17 21:18:27

I had it with DS2. Found at a routine swab when I thought I had thrush. He was born within 10 minutes of walking into the delivery room. There was barely time to get my knickers off, let alone IV antibiotics in. Apparently he had be monitored for 12 hours after birth. They checked him once within the time and that was it. Made me massively stressed before he was born and came to a big fat nothing. I failed to mention it when I had DS3...

Pigeonpost Wed 19-Apr-17 21:21:16

Oh they didn't give me any antibiotics during pregnancy, just told me it comes and goes so there was no point. I vaguely remember there being a difference between it being cultured from a urine sample and from a vaginal swab. But I can't remember what the consequences were, sorry!

Mediumred Wed 19-Apr-17 21:33:37

Hi, I tested positive and was given antibiotics only when I went into labour, you can still move around and stuff, it just means a water birth was out of the question. Unfortunately, despite the antibiotics, and needing a caesarean, dd was still infected.

She was born at a good weight, beautiful baby, but seemed very very sleepy, after 24 hrs in hospital a midwife felt her breathing was irregular, she was sent for a lumbar puncture and a chest x-ray. It was determined that she had been infected with strep b and it had caused pneumonia. She was given antibiotics and we had to stay in hospital for 10 days.

This was 9 years ago and there has been no long-term ill-effects. Obviously this was an unusual case that the antibiotics in labour (and the caesarean, so no passing through the birth canal) had failed to prevent dd getting infected but I feel the note on her file and the extra observations the midwives were making definitely saved her life. She is here now as a healthy nine-year-old but not every baby with strep b is so lucky, I think it is definitely worthwhile following medical advice.

witsender Wed 19-Apr-17 21:39:15

Oh I will, for sure. They've been very good, asked me to go in to the maternity​ unit tomorrow so they can give me a prescription immediately, plus talk me through it and give me info.

There is a chance I may need a c sec, I'm consultant led at the moment due to a hefty tear and blood loss with #2, so I'll talk this through with him as well.

The MW was very reassuring that it wasn't a big deal and that I shouldn't go and research it...Which of course I did! And it seems it can potentially be a big deal, so I'm glad they seem to be on top of it.

70ontheinside Wed 19-Apr-17 21:44:47

Had it with dc2. Went to hospital for a vbac and the first thing I did was demand IV antibiotics NOW, my midwife had prepped me well and written it in big red pen all over my notes as well.
That was it.

Misspilly88 Wed 19-Apr-17 21:46:21

How do you know? I haven't been offered a swab?

mrspage1985 Wed 19-Apr-17 21:59:08

I've booked a private test as the NHS (or certainly not my hospital) don't offer them.

HarrietSchulenberg Wed 19-Apr-17 22:01:07

I had it with ds2. Had a bleed at 20 weeks and although the bleed wasn't serious, Strep B was picked up during a swab.
I had to be retested at 38 weeks and it was still present so I was supposed to have IV ABs during labour. Ds2 arrived very quickly and there was no time for the ABs, so we had to stay in hospital for 36 hours afterwards for him to be monitored. All was fine.
DS2 is now 14 so things might have changed in the meantime.

PetalMettle Wed 19-Apr-17 22:05:56

My hospital swabbed pre C section and picked it up. As I was having a section they didn't give me ABs but kept an extra eye on little one

tempnamechange77 Wed 19-Apr-17 22:09:10

I had it after dc2 (picked up when they swabbed my stitches).

I actually found it really reassuring then with DC3 - there was no difference during pregnancy (as it comes and goes as another pp said) but I was told when I went into labour to go straight in, no messing around with 'wait until you can't talk through a contraction.' Personally I preferred to get settled in hospital before I was losing my mind with pain.

This should give them time to get two lots of antibiotics in you during labour. And yes then the baby needs to stay in for 24 hours for observation. So you know you will be in for the night.

It also was a factor in me deciding to have a induction so everything was controlled and I knew I could have the antibiotics in time etc.

I don't know if this was useful/made sense but I was incredibly scrupulous after birth with thorough scrubs style washing plus alcohol gelling my hands after washing myself/ changing pad and touching the baby.

Good luck & congratulations!

CaipirinhasAllRound Wed 19-Apr-17 22:09:23

You can buy a test online and post off for the results for £35. I'm doing it as my father in law recently died from sepsis which is what the baby can end up with. My midwife said the nhs tests are unreliable as they don't use very good ones which is why it's not offered as a routine test

beepbeep Wed 19-Apr-17 22:11:46

Was swabbed prior to DC2's birth due to thinking my waters were leaking, didn't find out positive results until after he was born (& was fine), was told I'd have to have a hospital birth for DC3 with IV antibiotics, my first 2 births were v quick & waters went just before they were born (less risk of infection passing) and I was supported by the midwife led unit to give birth there, I was happy to be transferred if prolonged labour or waters went earlier than my 2 other labours etc etc. Another factor was that my labours had not been long enough to get the antibiotics. My third labour was 40 mins with DC3 being born minutes after getting to centre, she was observed for a period but we went home about 4 hours after she was born, but given things to look out for.

AnneElliott Wed 19-Apr-17 22:14:06

I had it with DS. Meant to have antibiotics 4 hours before delivery but DS arrived after 3 hours and hospital did not believe I was in labourhmm

DS was monitored for 36 hours and had IV antibiotics himself.

FanaticalFox Wed 19-Apr-17 23:10:39

The test is called Strepelle. The NHS don't test for it because its transient (could be positive one week and negative the next) but it can be serious for babies. Have a look at website very informative. I did the test at 38 weeks came back positive its now all over my notes and i will have IV anti biotics during labour (i am now 40+5 so possibly with an induction) the midwife said to me if its something i was worried about she would have tested me which is interesting, so if you're concerned just be vocal about it to your midwife thenn you probably won't have to pay for the test privately if you have a nice midwife!

witsender Thu 20-Apr-17 07:11:36

It was part of the routine urine test apparently, done at the same time as my.12 week scan. She said they wouldn't test every week, but would test at the end of these antibiotics, then again later on. They want to give IV antibiotics regardless.

Twixes Thu 20-Apr-17 19:34:12

I had it did DS. No idea how or when it was picked up but I know I had iv antibiotics during labour.

I had a long stay in hospital (for other reasons) and during a routine visit from the paediatrician he noticed his skin on his extremities was mottled and he was quite lethargic. He was whipped up to the neonatal unit and put on 48 hrs of antibiotics. It all cleared up perfectly and he's now a fine strapping 18 month old with no long term effects. I'm convinced that if we were at home we would've left it longer to go to hospital with him and shudder to think what might have happened!

Do as the previous poster says and be extra vigilant with hand hygiene etc. I stupidly touched his watery eye and that looked infected on the day he went up the the neonatal unit, I think that might've had something to do with it.

witsender Thu 20-Apr-17 19:35:38

I haven't been able to find any info on where it comes from!

FanaticalFox Thu 20-Apr-17 20:01:42 website OP.

Bebraveagain Thu 20-Apr-17 20:09:39

I wasn't swabbed until in labour and a doctor sensed i wasn't quite right . I was running a fever and he put me on iv antibiotics. My waters broke 48 hours before they induced me. Baby had to go straight on antibiotics and we had to go into a private room for 3 days of monitoring. Scary at the time but no long term issues.

titihood Tue 25-Apr-17 13:36:46

I had it with DS1 and was given antibiotics during labour. I have read that they don't advise antibiotics during pregnancy as are not shown to do anything. Strep B is usually harmless and can live on skin/in digestive tract and vagina. However it can cause problems with babies if they get infected - the rates of infection are very low but problems can be very serious.

How many weeks are you? I am expecting DC2 and have Group B Strep again, midwife said for me to get tested again at 36 weeks and make decision on what to do then (I would like a home birth but they are not allowed to give antibiotics during labour in my area with a home birth).

The GBSS website has a lot of information, though be aware that is is very much geared toward promoting antibiotic use in labour. Not saying that this is bad, just that there are other options (monitoring etc.) if you don't have time to have the antibiotics.

witsender Tue 25-Apr-17 15:26:06

I actually have an infection as against just carrying it, and that can cause urine infections/miscarriage/stillbirth in severe cases, hence the antibiotics. They will then retest to see if I need more.

titihood Tue 25-Apr-17 21:12:11

Ahh that makes sense - was a bit confused about why they were giving you antibiotics currently.

Hope the meds start working quickly x

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