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Baby movement

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FamilySpartan Wed 19-Apr-17 10:44:56

I'm 25 weeks with my first, I've been feeling her move since 18 weeks but with reasonable consistency over the past 3 weeks. Mostly morning and evening.

Some evenings she's quite active and punchy and I can see my tummy moving, and I expect this is down to her position at the time. Last night it was extremely infrequent and not very strong, even when I was pressing around my abdomen to try and get her moving.

This morning I have felt usual morning movements, but once I get up I generally don't feel her until the evening. I'm concerned that if I wait until tonight to see how she moves, it might be too late if there's a problem. I'm also concerned that I'm panicking about nothing!

Sorry for the essay, I guess I'm just seeking some reassurance that this is quite normal by women who have been here before.

MrsGsnow18 Wed 19-Apr-17 10:47:44

Guidance is to lie on your left side and drink something cold or sugary or even to eat something and to count the kicks.
A midwife told me it's all about knowing your baby's pattern for kicks though. I know mine is more active at night too.
If something feels not right to you though it would be best to phone you midwife or assessment unit, it would be much better to go in a get checked than to worry and do nothing about it!

GastonsWife Wed 19-Apr-17 10:54:10

Baby movement is hard. If I am
Being completely honest it has ruined this pregnancy for me and put me off ever having another baby. I'm 39 weeks and still have no real pattern which means I am constantly thinking about her moving. I think midwives would rather you go and get checked then be at home alone worrying about it. I'm exactly the same as you. Don't want to leave it too long but don't want to waste people's time :-(

FeelingForSnow Wed 19-Apr-17 10:57:53

I agree with the above advice but I would also call your midwife.

I don't think many women know the pattern this early even if they say there should be one. I think I know my baby's pattern now but until about 33/34 weeks (I'm 35+6 now) I didn't.

Also, you will feel like you are panicking for nothing and that feeling will not go away. The only recommendation I've got it is to ignore it. Midwife's are so used to panicky, anxious and paranoid pregnant women. That's what they see all day.

I try all the tricks that we have been told if nothing I call and I go.

It puts my mind at rest and some MFs are so so lovely. Some are a bit grumpy but they are there for this reason and they advice to go back the same day if first visit didn't assure you and you still feel that something is not how it should be.

Unfortunately, they only heart rate monitoring from 26 weeks in most places. But they might use sonic aid instead.


Hollyhop17 Wed 19-Apr-17 11:34:05

I went in for reduced movement Sundday night when I was 26+5. The midwife said to me she wouldnt expect an established pattern until 28 weeks but was glad I came in. I think they would always rather you be cautious. Good luck.

FamilySpartan Wed 19-Apr-17 11:41:12

Thanks for the replies. I had a drink and lay on my side for a bit. I got a little swoosh or two.

I think I may have unrealistic expectations of how much to feel because of the two evenings of very strong movement. It's not going to be like that every time.

Rodent01 Wed 19-Apr-17 11:56:42

I am 25 weeks also and normally get some movement in morning and more in evening, and some randomly in the day. Yesterday morning I had the Glucose Test and baby went totally nuts, but this morning, pretty much nothing till just now, when suddenly there is a lot of banging and crashing around in there. (Hence I was compelled to remember my login and write as I've been trying not to think about the lack of movement and not get stressed today too!)

I would think at this stage, nothing for a whole day and night would be something to worry about, but 4-5 hours with nothing, that could just have been over exertion one day, and exhaustion / minor wobbling that we can't feel going on the next.

Its very hard to gauge and I feel your worry!!!!!!!

FamilySpartan Wed 19-Apr-17 12:04:40

Rodent I had the glucose test yesterday morning too! I got a few swooshes but that was about it.

She has just given me a proper thump in the side so I feel better.

Rodent01 Wed 19-Apr-17 20:48:57

Currently lying on the kitchen floor finally feeling today's first proper bout of movement after lying on floor or bed for 45 mins straight!!!

Don't remember being this worried with my first, but patience seems to win in the end.... that or a large dose of Lindt bunny which i am prescribing myself later.....

They are monkeys to make us panic like this.....!!

Hope yours is having an active evening!!

FamilySpartan Wed 19-Apr-17 21:27:49

Pleased to hear it, Rodent!

Yes, normal service resumed at around 4pm. All good smile

I thought I would relax a bit after my 12 week scan. Then I thought maybe I'd relax after my 20 week scan. Now I'm doubtful I'll relax until she's born. Then it's a different set of worries that begin wink

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