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Could use some advice please x

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laurax9 Wed 19-Apr-17 10:16:16

Hi Ladies,

Could really do with some advice/opinions! Basically I was due on about 7/8th April, had all the usual signs and the tiniest amount of spotting...was convinced I was about to come on (Had sex with my OH too as thought it was about to be off limits...sorry if TMI) but still 11 days later I haven't! Ever since I have had period type cramps on and off as if I am about to come on but nothing. I have done a couple of pregnancy tests (the most recent being this morning) and all have come back negative. Any thoughts on what could be going on would be greatly appreciated it, am nearly 2 weeks late and not knowing and feeling like there is something wrong with me is driving me a bit insane!

Thank you x

babybels Wed 19-Apr-17 12:38:22

According to my doctor your body can sometimes get out of whack and miss a period or you can have an extra one. I had an extra one recently and my doctor said this then. She also said stress can cause you to miss one. If you've just started hormonal contraceptives that can also mess up your cycle as can the peri menopause.
You could be pregnant but it might be too early to show on a test. If no change I'd probably test again in a week.

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