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Pink spotting at 10 weeks but strong heart beat???

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DuRezidal Wed 19-Apr-17 09:33:53

I have just had some pink spotting on wiping this morning, so obviously had a little panic and used the Doppler and there is still a very strong fetal heartbeat.

When I had an early scan I did have a small haemorrhage site, should this be something that is still causing spotting?

Disastronaut Wed 19-Apr-17 16:39:45

I've had some experience of this. As you know nothing is definite at any stage of pregnancy, but having been through several losses, I've learnt that getting to 10 weeks is a big deal. A lot of stuff is happening between the 7 and 9 week mark and by the end of that, chances of success do go up.

We were told to wait to have a 2nd scan at 10 weeks as it would give us a better picture of how things were going. So there is hope. But if you can, go & get scanned. Good luck.

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