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50 pounds at 38 weeks, anyone else gained more than they planned??

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robinsongyal Wed 19-Apr-17 09:24:35

So as the subject name suggests i've gained way over what i originally planned and i know that it is only going to increase due to me having such a huge appetite!! I was a small 6-8 prior to pregnancy (just under 10 stone) and work within the fitness industry so i feel that i should be able to apply my knowledge to all the negative thoughts i'm feeling about my changed body, but no! My diet was very controlled for years before pregnancy and my ideal form of exercising has always been very high intensity (the insanity workouts + running 30 miles a week). So it's no wonder that i've put on so much.. I just feel huge and unattractive which makes being intimate with partner really difficult because i feel that even though he says i'm still beautiful he's only saying that because he has to you know?? i'm so so exited about meeting our little girl and feel really guilty about having such negative thoughts when i know my body is just trying to create a little being- these next 2 weeks (or so) canno't come quick enough! Is anyone else struggling with their new body or gained more weight than expected??

butterfly86 Wed 19-Apr-17 09:31:15

I gained about the same amount and started off the same weight as you, I stopped worrying about it in the end I was getting weighed too much-I weighed more than my dh by the end grin. I lost 2 stone in the first 2 weeks after birth the last bit took longer but I didn't exercise. Honestly don't worry about it you're growing a person a lot of it will be fluid then you have weight of the baby and placenta. Its really hard as a woman to see you body looking so different and not being able to do anything about it, it will all be worth it when your little girl arrives.

robinsongyal Wed 19-Apr-17 09:37:51

I can totally relate to outweighing dh! I think i passed that milestone a couple of months ago grin he's not the biggest of men so i won't dwell on it!

annlee3817 Wed 19-Apr-17 18:31:29

I was a size 6 pre pregnancy and gained 56lbs. Most of it came off really quickly, within the first month.

DavidPuddy Wed 19-Apr-17 18:36:02

I gained 18 kilos in total, but a year later I weigh much less than I did before I started despite essentially eating butter every day for lunch. Breastfeeding has done all my weight loss for me.

Sparklyuggs Wed 19-Apr-17 19:27:26

I'm sure you'll be able to lose it afterwards, I keep telling myself it's temporary and I'm on partial bed rest so not much I can do in terms of activity but I'll start slowly once the doctor gives me the all clear and join WW again. Not that I'm a fan, but the Kardashian lady gained a lot but seemed to lose it all after according to my SIL, I don't know their names blush

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