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How much morning sickness is well, normal?

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Zaberwocky Wed 19-Apr-17 08:41:25

I feel like I'm being so melodramatic blush

I'm being sick 6-8 times a day. I can go around 10-20 minutes after eating or drinking before it's all back up again. I have a near constant headache, and the nausea is keeping me up most of the night. I'm getting 3-4 hours sleep at best. It's been quite bad for two weeks, but I'm just getting worse. I can't stomach anything, and anything I try to eat I just can't keep down. It's exhausting.

I've tried ginger everything, combined with sea bands, I've given up on full meals and tried eating little and often; but is there anything else I can do? The last thing I want to do is end up really dehydrated sad

Hollyhop17 Wed 19-Apr-17 09:09:50

Sounds like you might hsve HG, in which case, my sympathies. Get an appt with your GP as there are safe anti emitics to take which can help with the vomiting and nausea. Good luck.

Maggy74653 Wed 19-Apr-17 09:13:36

I was sick once or twice a day. Does sound like you could have HG, I would go and see your GP x

putdownyourphone Wed 19-Apr-17 09:20:27

Sounds very much like HG to me (been there!). Are you losing weight?

The doctor can prescribe anti sickness pills, and sign you off work til you feel better. Please don't underestimate it, it can be debilitating. flowers

Zaberwocky Wed 19-Apr-17 09:30:21

Thank you all sad I just don't want to make a big deal over nothing.

I'm honestly not sure if I'm losing weight. My abdomen is pretty bloated and it's hard to tell. I'll jump on the scales later I guess.

Seeline Wed 19-Apr-17 09:30:50

Sounds like I was. felt really sick 24/7, and was being actually sick up to about 10 times a day - sometimes I'd wake up in the night just to be sick [jealous]

Nothing much helped - I found eating plain dry food was slightly easier - lots of dry rice krispies! Also (TMI) I found if I had a couple of mouthfuls of a meal and waited a few minutes, I would be sick, and then I could actually eat a few mouthfuls without being immediately sick.

My Gp signed me off work until I was about 17 weeks. I couldn't really do anything and only left the house to see the GP/midwife.

With my 2nd pg I realised I couldn't continue like that with a toddler to deal with. I went to the Gp and refused to leave until I had something for it. The drugs were great, made me very sleepy, but took away the constant nausea, and I was only sick a few times. I wish I had known that this was possible the first time round. Please go and see your GP.

Lemondrop09 Wed 19-Apr-17 09:46:38

Agreed, please talk to your GP. You do not have to be losing weight to justify that your sickness is too bad. You also really need to be careful you are not getting dehydrated, so attend the appointment with a full bladder so they can check your urine.

There's a Hyperemesis Support thread in this pregnancy forum where lots of us are suffering, come and join us.

The GP will likely give you cyclizine first, if it doesn't work in a few days, go back. There is other stuff you can try.

If you can't keep down water, try sipping other liquids. Lucosade helped me, also flat Coke, lemonade, even chocolate milk. You could try sucking on ice cubes, ice lollies or high liquid food like jelly. Many people find bland salty carbs easiest to eat (crisps etc). I also found it easier to keep food down immediately after being sick.

You are NOT making a fuss over nothing. The Pregnancy Sickness Support website and helpline is excellent. Please get some help.

Zaberwocky Wed 19-Apr-17 13:06:21

Thank you all so much sad as I'm sure a lot of people are, I'm just so fed up. It's constant, there's no relief at all! I've managed to get an appointment for Friday morning so hopefully I can at least find a way to make it manageable.

Jelly actually sounds quite appealing! I'll try to be brave and face the shops later.

Lemondrop09 Wed 19-Apr-17 13:10:18

Hope the GP gives you something to help.

Here's the other thread, it might help a little to lie you're not alone!

How many weeks are you? I'm assuming you're still pretty early. I remember feeling despair in the early weeks, but this will pass and you can get through it, even though it's not easy.

SlB09 Wed 19-Apr-17 13:12:53

These arnt 'normal' levels, please see your GP you dont have to suffer!! Im 18 weeks now and have had HG, lost half a stone, felt horrendous 24/7, constant nausea, faintness, signed off work etc got prescribed some antisickness tablets and I cannot tell you the positive difference both physically and psychologically. Dont be a martyr and suffer, you and baby need to be hydrated!! Xx (also it does get much much better!)

TootsyBella84 Wed 19-Apr-17 16:16:54

This sounds similar to when I had hg with my youngest. I was signed off work and prescribed anti sickness tablets but they really only took the edge off, I lost so much weight. It started to ease off around 20 weeks and I was only being sick once a day which seemed such a relief.
I really do feel for you, it's horrendous! Hope the doctors can help you x

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