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What was I thinking?! Builders in at 37 weeks

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pennysays Wed 19-Apr-17 08:39:17

Just need a rant. Builders started yesterday and it turns out getting them in at 37 weeks was NOT a good idea. Who knew?!

Couldn't manage a conversation about tiles without crying yesterday, woke up this morning crying because they were coming. Cried last night because dog was in my bed and wouldn't let me use the pregnancy pillow.

48 hours ago I felt so zen, bouncing up and down on my ball. Today I'm a mess! Cramps, exhausted, need to sleep all the time, but of course now I can't cause of the noise and the dust. Oh yes the dust.

Did we REALLY need to move that radiator/shower a couple of weeks before the bump comes?

I'm sure it will all be fine, and I will be delighted when I have a new utility room with washer, dryer and fridge freezer and storage space for bump's clothes, and blinds etc etc. I just wish I wasn't having an emotional breakdown right now.

Ok rant over.

How is everyone else doing?

dingit Wed 19-Apr-17 08:41:50

You will look back one day and laugh. We moved house when I was 37 weeks. Ds was born at 38 smile

pennysays Wed 19-Apr-17 08:55:54

I really hope so dingit.

Yesterday DP declared that maybe we didn't need the builders to regrout 2 x bathrooms after all and we could just do it ourselves. Had to leave the house due to rage.

Also have carpenter who's like "maybe we could just try this, I'll mock something up, if you like it great if not, maybe we could try...." JUST BUILD ME A FFING CUPBOARD I AM ABOUT TO GIVE BIRTH!

Have been planning a home birth. Have spent far too much time contemplating how I might give birth AND STILL get my bathroom finished.

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