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Help! Back ache at 4/5 weeks

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Tibbycat Wed 19-Apr-17 07:54:15

Please, wanting some reassurance, does back ache in week 4/5 always result in miscarriage? Ectopic right after new year in Jan, MC in March, pregnant again now and 4+6 weeks. Last night my back was so sore. Not like me to have back ache. I had it with my DS but I don't recall it being so early. It's better today (still there) from resting last night but still sore. Did a digital, holding the 2-3 (which is fine) but I guess it would take a while for the test to go negative. Have some symptoms still. So nauseous but I hope that's not pure terror and anxiety. :-( thanks girls. Saying my prayers.

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