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What am I entitled to?

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laurennnnnnnn Tue 18-Apr-17 21:52:39

Hi everyone! Bit of a random one but I was wondering what I'm entitled to on mine and my OH's situation? I'm 20 weeks oregenant with our first at 23. I currently earning 16,500 and my partner earns 20,000. We both also take home commission as we work in sales. I will be going on maternity and getting statutory pay in August. Me and OH don't live together but we were looking around to rent (which is proving silly expensive where we live!!!!) Are we entitled to anything from government at all? I know we receive child benefits but is this it? TIA!

Queensparkles Wed 19-Apr-17 00:18:31

Your household income (both your earnings combined) are too high for tax credits, but you will still get child benefit! If you were to use childcare you may get some help with that from tax credits, there's a calculator on the website smile

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