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Is the show always snot like?

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mammytoonebabyboy Tue 18-Apr-17 20:49:11

So Sunday I went in, was 1-2 cm and engaged. Was having contractions regularly so they kept me in..however they gave me stronger pain relief and when I woke up the next day, the contractions was still there but less frequent so they sent me home and said I was in early labour. Doctor said to walk my butt off and bounce on the ball like I've never bounced before so that's what I've done since I got home last night. Today I've been on the ball all day and went for 3 mile walk. Tightenings have definitely been there, but every time I sit down to time them, I get two and then someone asks me to do something or I need a pee so have to get up and I give up. They're definitely not as regular as Sunday but like I said I can't really tell how far apart because I haven't had chance to properly monitor them like I did Sunday. I've had backache which I thought was because I'd over done the exercise but it gets more noticeable when I get a tightening and diarrhoea (sorry) all of a sudden this afternoon which is unusual because normal I'm constipated (again, sorry). I've noticed a lot more discharge which is like a darker yellow, not quite brown but not light yellow either and a little white thick stuff but it was just thick, not snotty or mucousy. I just looked when I went to the toilet and there was literally the tiniest pin prick of what looked red, honestly less than my baby finger nail. It wasn't bright red, wasn't pink, in fact the more I look at it the more I question whether it actually was red at all but I think it was. I'm not too concerned because he's being moving like a goodun all day and I googled it and lots of people said unless it's a flow of blood it's usually nothing, but I'm just wondering if I could be loosing my show?? Is definitely had no glob of snot like stuff or anything stringy, it's just been discharge but different colour and more of it. Can a show be just discharge like instead of like snot? And also, could this red pin prick just be the cervix dilating more after all the walking and swaying and bouncing I've done?? Usually I'd be up the hospital within seconds if I saw the slightest bit of red but because I know I'm dilating and because I know he's been moving all day, I'm trying not to stress.

Thanks x

lazycrazyhazy Thu 20-Apr-17 21:39:33

How are you doing now? Hope you're having lovely newborn cuddles but if not yet that you will be soon.

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