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Pregnancy Paranoia

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HKittyCat Tue 18-Apr-17 17:59:51

I'm sorry there must be like 100001 other threads like this but i'm really struggling with my anxiety right now and where better to ease my mind than a forum full of people I've never met before? wink grin
I'm 16 weeks and really paranoid something is going to go wrong, i've not had any spotting or severe pains (the odd mild-moderate pain in my stomach which I assume is stretching) but I just can't help but feel that something awful will happen at my appointment next week or scan in May. I do get dizzy standing up which is worrying me and most of my symptoms have stopped (although my nipples are still so sore I could swear ive been cutting diamonds with them all day or something). If anyone could give me reassurance that would be really nice, I'm usually on periodic medication for anxiety but I can't take it now i'm pregnant. obviously the giant swirl of hormones doesn't help either sad

Cagliostro Tue 18-Apr-17 18:06:00

Ah, sympathies. I am also an anxiety sufferer and my paranoia/worst-conclusion-jumping-ability seems to flare up from the minute I conceive hmm it seems even worse this time - surprise 3rd baby, youngest is 7! - I was an absolute wreck when I went into the dating scan (at which I found out I'm 9 weeks, so I still have to wait for 12 week scan)

If it helps any, chances are all is well, you are out of the first trimester, presumably you have had 12wk scan already? Also many of the symptoms do calm down after that, especially morning sickness, needing to pee all the damn time (for hormonal reasons - will be for bladder-kicking reasons later grin) - it's unnerving but really it is generally down to the first trimester hormones settling down.

How's your blood pressure? It may be a bit low if you're dizzy on standing.

HKittyCat Tue 18-Apr-17 18:12:02

Thank you so much Cagliostro and congratulations, what a lovely surprise for you. I hope all is well at your 12 week scan too.

Yeah I have had my 12 week, it's strange because I thought i'd be fine after that but it seems to be one thing after another, it'smy first baby so i'm not sure what's normal and what isn't! Strangely enough I had my blood pressure done a few weeks ago at the doctors and it's normal but just a little bit higher than they'd like it, so the dizziness thing is really confusing, it's maybe down to having more blood in me than usual but i'm no expert! x

PotatoesPastaAndBread Tue 18-Apr-17 18:18:48

I can't help you but i can empathise.

I'm 15 weeks. I've had five scans. I'm having my sixth on Friday. It's costing me a fortune!

Although​ I'm the size of a house and everyone must have guessed, i still haven't told anyone because i don't want to have to retract it if it turns out the baby died since the last scan. I feel like fraud saying I'm pregnant.

Four years of infertility, two rounds of ivf, miscarriage and two erpcs have fuelled my insecurity. I feel like a loon.

Like i said - no help, but i know where you're coming from x

dustpan Tue 18-Apr-17 19:11:47

Hi kittycat sorry to hear your anxiety is flaring up. Me too, even though I'm continuing with medication ( did come off it to conceive but then had a mc & needed to go back on. Now 10 wk preg & gp advises me to stay on them.)

I did extensive research & discovered that a normal healthy woman's base rate chance of having baby with a birth defect is 3-5%. My medication increases this risk by 0.4% Sorry if I'm going on too much about this, it was an agonising decision

Mhad a tiny bleed at 8w and was desperate, convinced that was it. But all ok. My gp has been really helpful talking ideas about how to manage anxiety when it spikes. I find researching the facts around whatever symptom my anxiety focuses on is helpful, then ask my gp specifically if/when I should see her if such symptoms arise.

Not sure if I'm making any sense but trying to say you're not alone and hoped you will hit your stride managing your anxiety

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