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Agony IBS

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NutCase82 Mon 17-Apr-17 21:41:37

I've never been officially diagnosed with IBS but since being pregnant my symptoms are much more severe. It's incredibly painful contraction like spasms around my lower stomach area (basically the area the front of my knickers cover), it used to also be a shooting stabbing pain up my back side too but that doesn't happen as often thank goodness! Sometimes it is quite dull pain that just makes me hug the area but it is also so painful I don't know what to do with myself, I'm doubled over and crying out in pain trying to 'breathe through' the pain, it can last (on and off) most of the day (about every couple of months).

My doctors prescribed Rennies and I eat the bifidus regularis yogurts daily but I still get attacks more often than I can cope with.

Also, it feels very much like contractions and I'm panicking that, closer to my due date, I become a phantom labourer!!

Can anyone help - ideas of things to eat with helpful ingredients or pregnancy-safe medicine/vitamins. Does anyone else suffer like this??

Mustbeinsane1984 Tue 18-Apr-17 01:03:56

Try some peppermint tea I've had IBS since I was 14 and I have tried all sorts of pills. Peppermint is the only solution for me. Def worth a try! Also a hot water bottle on the left side of tummy (not too hot) helps loads.

NutCase82 Tue 18-Apr-17 10:13:06

Thank you, I will add that to my diet 💐

leighdinglady Tue 18-Apr-17 12:41:17

I've always had IBS. Even as a toddler. Although oddly it gets better with pregnancy for me. I use antispaxmodics. I get them on prescription but I think you can buy buscopan(sp) over the counter. Maybe go speak to a pharmacist. I don't know if they're safe to take. I also find cutting out gluten helps. No pasta/bread (I don't go crazy, that's enough to help me)

NutCase82 Tue 18-Apr-17 18:23:52

Thank you, I will try that also 💐

mswales Sun 25-Jun-17 00:10:15

Please please look into low FODMAP diet, it is standard treatment in various countries for IBS now and clinical trials have shown it has positive effect on up to 86% of IBS sufferers. I've had IBS for years and it totally transformed things for me, I never got around to doing proper elimination but just avoid having too much of any of the problem foods in the same day or two and it works really really well. Here's a review that summarises all the clinical trials of FODMAP diet so you know there is real science behind this recommendation!

calimommy Sun 25-Jun-17 06:55:19

I second the FODMAP advice. 👍👍👍 it changed my life. Even if I do eat things which are not fodmap friendly at least I know and can 'prepare'. Sadly there's loads of super salads and super foods which are frankly indigestible and no go for me.

Mint Gaviscon cold from the fridge, soothes the oesophagus and cools the tummy.
Tums or rennie are good.
Peppermint tea is good. Also peppermint capsules which don't break down until they reach your bowel are good because they soothe your small intestine.
Nexium for bad days.
When I'm not pregnant I take Alkazelter as well, I find it really helpful.

SairdyJane25 Sun 25-Jun-17 12:11:08

I'm also prescribed antispasmodics when not pregnant but unfortunately you can't take them when pregnant. Dr has put me on Omeprozole, max 20mg dosage, which I take all the time, as it's really obvious when I miss just one tablet. The idea being if the acid in my stomach is neutralised then it has less of an impact further down the digestive system. Also found that a glass of orange or apple juice a day helps keep me regular(sorry tmi) as I ate so many rennies and remigels at the start of my pregnancy the smell of peppermint makes me heave! Good luck, and remember it's not forever xxx

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