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First Time Pregnancy Nerves

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Bunny1990 Mon 17-Apr-17 16:56:40

I found out around 5 weeks ago that i'm pregnant, I've had my initial appointment with the midwife (blood, urine tests etc) and I am due to go for my first scan in 2 weeks time but I am SO ANXIOUS. I have a history of anxiety and depression and I can't help but thinking that something is wrong or that I'm going to get bad news, the more I try and push things to the back of my mind the more I seem to think about it sad. I wish these 2 weeks would just hurry up and pass. I am having symptoms constant nausea still, gone off a lot of food but also feel starving sometimes but can't stomach a lot of foods, I do have tender and swollen breasts and my stomach appears "fuller" I haven't gained any weight yet, I feel like I'm going crazy confused ....

GastonsWife Mon 17-Apr-17 17:53:18

I have nothing to offer but a hand hold flowers. Make sure you tell your miwdife how you feel. There are services to help. Saying that I got an emergency referral for mental health at about 20 weeks. I am not 39 weeks pregnant and haven't even had a letter or phone call from these services 😱.

Supersmith Mon 17-Apr-17 20:23:43

Hi Bunny,
In the same boat here with the MH issues. I told my midwife I had a history of depression and anxiety, it means you are put in for more appointments with a Dr, just to make sure you're alright.
As for the wait, it is horrible. I work full time in a seriously stressful job so it flew by for me although I did keep thinking it wasn't real which made me even more anxious. When you get your scan picture you'll do nothing else but stare at it in awe and the wait is worth it smile

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