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Elective ceserean v Emergency

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pennycann1 Mon 17-Apr-17 08:48:33

I had an emergency ceserean after 16 hours of labour and my son got stuck and distressed. I had to have a general as spinal block wouldn't work quick enough. Recovery was hard, hated being stuck in hospital for 3 nights. 7 years on and am now 34w with baby number 2 and looks as though an elective ceserean is on the cards and I am terrified. Anybody have positive elective ceserean stories?

jimijack Mon 17-Apr-17 08:58:44

Oh my god it's like night and day!
The difference is amazing.

I was given a date and time to turn up for the elective so I could sort out child care for ds 1 (General anaesthetic because he was undiagnosed breach, I got to 10cm when they discovered, plus he was distressed, had poo`d inside me and I had raging pre eclampsia)
I had a wonderful spinal which worked immediately, radio on in the corner of the theatre, staff appeared to be as excited as we were about our baby. (It took us 10 years to get ds 2)
It took what felt like 20 seconds and they were showing me my squidgy gorgeous new baby! Time stopped then as I couldn't take my eyes off him.
Back to the ward, cuddles, tea and toast, home within 24 hours on painkillers, breast fed straight away.
Then I was pushing the pram through the snow taking ds 1 to school 10 days later, coat flapping in the wind as I was too fat to do it up, the fresh air was AMAZING that day!

Wonderful wonderful experience. Can't praise whole experience enough probably because my first experience was so horrific.
Honestly, it will be fine xx

Marvellousmarg Mon 17-Apr-17 09:01:50


Had emergency csection with dc1 similar story to yours, and the elective I ended up having with dc2 couldn't have been more different.

It was so calm and quick.

Dc1 was left at home with relatives. We got taxi to hospital,were gowned up and then a few minutes later walked into the operating theatre. Introduced to everyone, surgeon, anaesthetist etc. Be prepared there's quite a team!

The spinal was quick and painless, as the screen went up i plugged in my iPod...and around 20 minutes later I was cuddling my perfect newborn.

Recovery was fine. Much better than with emergency csection as I wasn't so fatigued.

MrsFrTedCrilly Mon 17-Apr-17 09:06:39

Yes totally!! I had a failed induction with my first, 2 weeks overdue emergency section at 4am. It was all a bit grim - recovery wasn't great either and complicated by other health issues.
I was really anxious about having another and terrified about the birth. I had a planned section which was amazing, we were all totally calm and relaxed. Went into hospital at 7am that morning got prepared for theatre and my baby was in my arms at 9.40, latched on perfectly feeding (because this time baby hadn't got the side effects of days full of drugs...). My other half cut the cord, they even asked me what music I wanted in theatre. It was all totally relaxed chatting to the staff nothing like my previous experience throwing up when my blood pressure dropped and being terrified not hearing my baby make any noise..
Second time round I knew what to expect with recovery so no surprises and I was a lot more sensible with myself. I was out of hospital 24 hours later and the MW were very good.
Try to relax, remember you have the benefit of experience and knowledge this time, it's not uncharted territory. My second time round was brilliant. Best of luck flowers

NickMarlow Mon 17-Apr-17 09:17:54

I haven't had an emergency csection, but my elective with dd was such a positive experience that I would seriously consider another if we have a dc2.

I was already in hospital (placenta previa) so had all the pre medication etc given by staff. Dh came in at 8:30 and we were taken down about 2 hours later. Every member of staff was lovely and explained who they were and what their role was. Spinal hurt going in but worked really quickly. Dd was born 3 minutes after they started, and they brought her round so we could find out the sex. Quick checks and then dh held her where I could see/touch her for most of the time, they went through to recovery for the last part of stitching me up. Had skin to skin from recovery onwards, back on the ward by 12:30.

It was a really calm, positive experience and recovery was fine afterwards.

pennycann1 Mon 17-Apr-17 17:58:39

Thank you so much for your replies, they are so helpful in making me feel better about the situation. The first time was so horrific, so thank you.

Izzadoraduncancan Mon 17-Apr-17 18:10:20

10 years ago today I delivered by emergency c-section my DD. Prolapsed cord, lights going off, GA and an incision from hip bone to hip bone. The recovery was long, both physically and psychologically.... but we are blessed she is alive and that's thanks to the midwife and doctors.
I have a further 2 elective c-sections after this. They were blissful experiences. Relaxed, quiet and joyful occasions. I was given the choice of having a VBAC, but found the elective c-sections so much easier to recover from, and was also concerned regarding another prolapsed cord.
Tonight I raise a glass in thanks for the skill and dedication of midwifes.

BadToTheBone Mon 17-Apr-17 18:17:14

I have had two sections, the first was awful, I had 14 hours of back to back labour and when they got him out I was bouncing around on the bed, he was pulled out of me fast and he peed all over my open wound. This resulted in me getting an infection and I was in hospital 2 weeks in total (1 week before and 1 after).

Second, I was terrified but even though it was another 14 hours of back to back labour, the section was a breeze in comparison. I was relaxed as I knew I'd be fine no matter what.

In my massive research of two sections, none are the same 😀. Good luck xx

GrassWillBeGreener Mon 17-Apr-17 18:23:44

My sister had one difficult emergency section, followed by a life-threatening emergency section (trial of labour with early decision to section - but the op itself was very difficult). So her third was elective section with advice to ensure she had the most senior surgeon - it was a totally different experience and her recovery far simpler. I know why you worry but it will be much better. Best wishes.

MajorClanger123 Mon 17-Apr-17 20:21:38

I've never had an emergency section, but I did have my third baby via elective section (after 2 traumatic vaginal births that ripped my bits somewhat shock. And my word, what a totally lovely & civilised experience it was! Delivery date was booked in 6 weeks ahead, so plenty of time to sort childcare for our other 2. We arrived at hospital at 8am, and were holding babe in arms by 9.45am. Lots of staff in the delivery theatre, all very jovial. My husband got to hold & cuddle our dd after she was born & whilst I was being stitched up - something he'd never done before as our previous 2 babies were born directly into me. I can understand your angst, but I found the whole experience thoroughly wonderful. Good luck xx

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