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Maternity clothes-where are the decent ones!

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Trytowin Sun 16-Apr-17 23:58:53

Hi i know there's another thread but that's not me! I have found some great bottoms from asda. So far been really pleased got a twin pack leggings (black), 2 x black jeans, black trousers for 58 pounds! Other colours are available ;-) recommend asda surprised the quality is as good as it is.

Sorry on to my question where are the decent maternity tops?! Colour and cost is important to me but I'm also plus size not pregnant so my choices seem even more limited. I've trawled eBay but no luck. First baby can i just buy very large normal stuff?

leanandgreen Mon 17-Apr-17 08:57:04

H&M do a nice range, especially the jeans. Totally know what you mean though.
I'm thinking though, what with summer on it's way, that I'm just going to wear dresses the whole time.

Good luck!

Flanderspigeonmurderer Mon 17-Apr-17 08:57:58

I used H&M, gap and asos this time around. All reasonably priced.

krakentoast Mon 17-Apr-17 09:32:32

I've bought some fab leggings from Jojo Maman Bebe (they're the only ones that seem to be long enough - I'm quite tall) which were £20 each, and so far I'm combining them with super cheap long tops/loose dresses from H&M and Primark - not specifically maternity, but right now my only requirement is that they cover the bum area when I'm wearing the leggings. As summer comes, I guess it'll be floaty dresses all the way! (My first baby is due in the autumn.)

Gap is a good shout, I'll probably have a look there next.

TestingTestingWonTooFree Mon 17-Apr-17 10:21:36

It depends on your normal style really. I'd suggest buying a load online and then returning most of it. You don't tend to need maternity clothes until 16-20 weeks in a first pregnancy and you may not feel you need maternity tips at all. I'm a 16 on top normally and prefer fitted tops so it doesn't look like I'm a big blob. I also like having clothes fitted around the bump as it's the only time you're legitimately fat. Other people feel differently.

If you're going to breastfeed, it's worth looking out for maternity/nursing tops as these will be useful post baby.

My clothes have been JJMB/new look/asos/mothercare/seraphine/Isabella Oliver. Ebay has some bargains but it can be risky on sizing if you can't return/have to pay postage.

Purpless is good for jersey basics, although they smell a bit funny and need a wash before you wear.

SpringSpringSpring Mon 17-Apr-17 11:38:49

I've been looking on eBay for brands with a reputation for reasonable quality but so much of it seems to be black, dark blue or blue & white stripes. None of these are colours I wear usually so I'm really struggling to find tops.
Dresses are a problem too as I find summer in the UK so cold which means tights but they never look right to me in summer.

10Betty10 Mon 17-Apr-17 11:46:52

I know isn't tops but I've found a lot of standard jersey maxi dresses have a lot of draping so if you buy a bit bigger are really good for pregnancy, especially as is getting warmer now. You can get them at pretty much any budget as well so plenty of choice around!

The plain t shirts from Mothercare are a lot nicer quality than than the H and M and Dorothy Perkins ones I've had. They're 2 for £15 as well which is really reasonable. I found H and M t shirts are fine for early pregnancy but once you get 20+ weeks they don't have enough ruche down the side to fit bump in!

Topshop do some really nice oversized loose t shirt tops with split sides in their standard range that I've lived in.

New Look have decent Cami vests in their maternity range, quality good, plenty of space for growth.

I often wear looser/floatier tops I already own over a black maternity vest with jeans and they still look nice.

Also- big/interesting jewellery is the best thing ever during pregnancy when you feel you live in plain clothes!

10Betty10 Mon 17-Apr-17 11:49:10

Oo and like PPs have said, check eBay. I've had a couple of really nice Next and Topshop dresses and tops from there that are in really great condition. My favourite maternity dress is a black Next one that cost me £3.50!x

INeedNewShoes Mon 17-Apr-17 11:53:03

I got nice colourful tops from JoJos and had nice H&M tops (though mostly black, grey) passed onto me by friends.

The JoJo sizing seems very generous. As a size 12 their small size is generous on me (where as their sizing guide would suggest I should be buying medium) so it might be worth having a look there.

You definitely want some actual maternity clothes that allow for the shape of the bump in the third trimester. Some normal clothes seem to stretch into that shape ok where as others look ridiculous.

Trytowin Mon 17-Apr-17 11:57:53

Black is fine for me. What's with all the navy?! Everything seems to come in navy. My whole wardrobe is black and purple as it makes me happy :-) so these are the colours I'm looking for. I saw some plain tops in asda twin pack but 1 black one white. Unacceptable! (To me anyway!) Unlike the leggings packs they don't do any other colour mixes.

I will check out h and m and mothercare's sites. See where i get. Currently I am wearing a mix of my long skirts (normal style for me) and the maternity bottoms, my tops are just about ok but the length is becoming an issue to hide the stretchy bump bit. I am 15 and 5

champagneplanet Mon 17-Apr-17 12:06:30

Definitely H&M, I'm wearing at least one of their items everyday! They have nice cotton stretchy tops that wash well.

Dorothy Perkins over bump jeans are good too, I got blue and black, they're nice and soft and have a decent length leg.

Asda/George stuff is okay for basics but a bit boring. Asos dresses are nice, the sizes are generous too. Their stuff fits me better when I'm pregnant than their normal clothes!

MrsGsnow18 Mon 17-Apr-17 12:07:34

I found it hard to find maternity clothes that I could actually try on in shops, so I mostly just sized up in normal clothes. I bought some jeans in Asda in a bigger size that had a stretchy waist band and they are perfect. I'm now 35 weeks and have got by with only buying one or two proper maternity things. I went to primark 2 weekends ago and bought some basics in 2 sizes up. I didn't want to spend lots of money on bigger clothes since I've not long to go but also I don't know what will fit after so at least now I have some clothes 2 sizes up for immediately after and then can go down to next size etc until I hopefully get to my pre pregnancy size again!

MrsH128 Mon 17-Apr-17 12:32:15

i also love the h&m range smile

haveacupoftea Mon 17-Apr-17 17:53:25

Yours maternity range for plus size stuff!! Not too pricey, not too boring, I got all my mat clothes out of there.

FiftyShadesOfDuckEggBlue Tue 18-Apr-17 22:38:33

A bit on the pricey side but COS tops and dresses would fit most pregnant women at least for the first 2 trimesters...

robinsongyal Wed 19-Apr-17 09:04:38

I thought this too! Boohoo (online) has a good selection of stylish maternity clothes and also more lounge-wear, i think there is some plus-size clothing there too although can't be 100% sure!

pardrej Wed 19-Apr-17 20:32:50

There are none. They are just so..... mumsy. My concession has been size 12 tops from Boden, and shirts! I love shirts and they will still be good after. Maternity leggings are all horrid, haven't found a pair in a decent, thick cotton finish. My best pair are Isabella Oliver but they are still made of horrible poly material and at 39 weeks have a hole in the bum. Don't even talk to me about seraphine's joke pair. Fed up of being offered rubbish why won't anyone produce anything reasonable angry

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