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Boobs so Sore

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SJGR Sun 16-Apr-17 22:15:30

Hi All,

I'm 5 weeks pregnant and my boobs are out of control...

They are literally so sore down the sides - they are also enormous, they look like I've had ridiculous implants and when I take my bra off at night, I have to hold them (with my really ice cold hands) to calm the pain down... and my nipples are constantly erect. It looks like a porno over here but genuinely quite painful...

Is anyone in the same situation... Is this normal?

Lemondrop09 Sun 16-Apr-17 22:19:45

Yep, my boobs were sooooooo sore. It's literally only just easing off now at almost 16 weeks (although nipples are still tender). I switched to a good maternity bra around 10 weeks, which helped a lot while wearing it, although I still winched when taking it off. It's not fun, but it is normal.

SJGR Sun 16-Apr-17 22:22:51

Thanks... at least I'm not alone... I'm kinda glad I have naturally freezing hands!

kel1493 Sun 16-Apr-17 22:37:35

I remember that feeling (my lo is 19 months now).
It was mainly my nipples. I remember needing them to feel warm. It was awful

Ohb0llocks Sun 16-Apr-17 22:47:16

Yes! Worst when you've been led down then stand up sad

jbee1979 Sun 16-Apr-17 22:56:19

I had to wear something 24/7 to support them at that stage. I got wee crop top style things from Matalan and Asda, to hold them tight. It helped, especially at night.

GaladrielsRing Sun 16-Apr-17 23:43:46

Bandeau bras are your friend!

SelfObsessionHoney Sun 16-Apr-17 23:48:20

Cold damp flannel, one on each boob, bliss. You have to style it out 😂
I also slept in matalan stretchy bra/crop top type things for the first few weeks which really helped.

lelygirl Sun 16-Apr-17 23:59:44

It was my boobs that made me take a test...6 days before AF was due hmm I'm now just over 8 weeks and the pain is starting to subside a little..still huge though! I got really comfy wireless bras in tescos and literally only take them off to shower. smilewink

cattychatty Mon 17-Apr-17 00:10:33

Would cabbage leaves in the bra help I know they do after birth but maybe worth a try .. slightly smelly though

arbrighton Mon 17-Apr-17 12:21:22

Mine were awfully sore, yes, like don't hug me, come near me sore

Then have grown 3 cup sizes.

Have calmed down a bit finally in third trimester, at least until milk comes in.

You can get special gel pads to put in fridge rather than cabbage leaves btw. Think they're made by lansinoh

Urglewurgle Mon 17-Apr-17 18:42:56

Mine are like comedy boobs! The size of them! And the big veins and huge nips..

I'm 18 weeks and they're still really sensitive, e.g. make me gasp when I forget to be gentle and whip my bra off and they, er, flop. blush

SJGR Tue 18-Apr-17 06:56:43

I have comedy boobs too... they'd be amazing if they weren't so sore... and aside from the fact they're growing in different directions - it's like they are stuck on wrong... so funny!

izzibee29 Tue 18-Apr-17 19:19:02

I'm 9 weeks now and I've had super sore Breasts since 6 weeks. Changing to non wired bras has helped a little bit they are still very uncomfortable.

troodiedoo Tue 18-Apr-17 19:22:38

Had this for pretty much my entire pregnancy, you have my sympathy. Like being stabbed repeatedly with icicles. The rubbish pregnancy symptom wheel of fortune is a cruel mistress!

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