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Pain in right shoulder blade and ribs

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NewMum26 Sun 16-Apr-17 20:58:55

I'm 38 weeks and For weeks now on and off I've been experiencing pain like a trapped nerve feeling in my right shoulder blade that is only relieved temporarily but kind of pulling my shoulder blades together and 'clicking' my upper back. Its aggravated by certain movements and deep breathing and is not too painful when I first get up in the morning after a good nights rest. It's right along my shoulder blade and makes my ribs on the right side sore just under the shoulder blade. I broke my right collarbone 2 yeas ago and it was left to heal naturally above it shorter than it used to be so wondering if it may have to do with pregnancy rearranging muscles etc?! But then I'm also freaking out over lung clots etc 😩
Anyone else experience this? X

HawkeyeInConfusion Sun 16-Apr-17 22:24:37

I would phone the maternity number in your notes.

As you say, it could well be nothing. But you can't be sure, so you should seek advice.

Good luck flowers

DollyLlama Sun 16-Apr-17 22:42:37

I had a suspected blood clot on my lung at 33 weeks. I only phoned my midwife asking if I could take anything more than paracetamol as I had a pain in my ribs that wasn't agony, but just wouldn't go. I was told to go to triage and assessed and sent through an unbelievable amount of tests over about 10 days and and after coming up inconclusive, I was then given the all clear.

100% ring triage, I'm not trying to scare you at all, it's very specific where the pain is if you are at risk of a clot and they should be able to tell that quite quickly and it does sound like it could be your previous injury but better safe than sorry Hun. Good luck smile x

RobberBride Mon 17-Apr-17 00:39:19

Please do ring and get it checked, there is a very small risk it could be a collapsed lung which can happen at this stage in pregnancy. However - a much more likely possibility - on first reading your post I immediately thought you might have trapped wind. It causes similar pain in that location, my friend really suffered with it in late pregnancy. Try drinking some peppermint tea if you have any? The tea won't cause any damage.

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