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9 weeks and feeling rough

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KayLea1988 Sun 16-Apr-17 19:12:46

Just a little moan from me.

I'm 9 weeks and have been feeling sick for 5 weeks now.

I went to the doctors and got some anti sickness meds last week which have taken the edge of but was still sick twice yesterday and once today.

Really fed up of feeling sick, feels like it'll never end. I've also got so much spit!!!

First midwife app on Wednesday so a bit anxious about that too.

My boyfriend and parents are being wonderful though but still feel really rough sad

Anyone else out there struggling? X

janeje Sun 16-Apr-17 20:27:57

Make sure that you continue to eat healthy meals and snacks and drink lots of water, regardless of how you feel. Since I could not get myself to eat full meals, I just made sure I had between 6 to 8 snacks ( I know that 8 sounds extreme, but usually that snack only consisted of a small celery stick or 2 with peanut butter) throughout the day.

For nausea try drinking no to morning sickness tea or make some juice with ginger (yes, as gross as it sounds it worked for me).

sweetandsaltypopcorn Sun 16-Apr-17 20:49:49

Yes me!
Ten weeks here and feel so rough.
I'm sick and have an upset stomach every single day sadwhen will it end!

Linzbe Sun 16-Apr-17 21:10:00

I'm 10 + 2 (by my calculations, still awaiting for my scan letter) when I do get morning sickness it lasts all day! Luckily I haven't actually been sick. Sometimes I can't even stomach the thought of having a piece of fruit but can eat ALL the carbs!! Haha!

Everyone keeps telling me all will be OK after 12 weeks, I'm just crossing my fingers that I start to feel back to normal in a couple of weeks, so fed up for constantly being exhausted!! Good luck ladies!!

brownear Mon 17-Apr-17 17:15:43

It started to ease by 18 weeks for me, but I still have some off days. Some people have it all the way through. You're very lucky to have been prescribed meds. Even if I actually vomited on the doctor I saw I doubt he would give me any.

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