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Help !! 5 days late and negative tests !!

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Mummytoviolet19 Sat 15-Apr-17 18:23:02

Hey all I really need some advice/help/experiences

^me and my partner had sex on the day I was due on (10th march) and I didn't come on till the 13th but wasn't a heavy period just very light only a few days..
I haven't thought anything of it till 5 days ago when I was due on again.. guess what I haven't come on .. I have done about 5 preg tests and all negative
Is it possible to be pregnant and get negatives ??
I've been feeling weak/ sick the last week .. really tired, last few days really sore and sensitive breast.
Just really need some help/ advice on what to do and if I could be pregnant ?? ^

Many thanks lovely people x

MrsL2016 Sun 16-Apr-17 12:11:33

Are you calculating your missed period taking into account you were 3 days late last cycle? There is always the chance you have ovulated later. So I would test again in a few days. What test did you use? A FRER may be best if it is very early. But if you think the light period last cycle might mean you were already pregnant and therefore further along, I would expect a pregnancy test to be positive by now. Fingers crossed you get the result you want.

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