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Did anyone NOT eat fish or take fish supplements when pregnant?

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user1492156337 Fri 14-Apr-17 08:59:24

DD is now 5 and bright in many ways but not particularly academic (below age-expected for writing and maths). I was lacto-ovo vegetarian when pregnant and did not consume any fish or fish oils. I didn't think too much about DHA and Omega 3 at the time and figured the eggs and flax seeds I ate would suffice. Did anyone else have a similar diet and do you have any concerns for your child's brain development? I am looking for a bit of reassurance.

Ecureuil Fri 14-Apr-17 09:00:20

I hate fish and didn't take fish oils. DD1 is 3.5 and I don't have any concerns about her brain development at all.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Fri 14-Apr-17 09:01:21

I'm a vegetarian and didn't take any fish supplements during pregnancy. My DD is a bright spark completely unbiased of course and has sailed through all of her milestone checks and is doing really well at nursery. She's 3 1/2. I wouldn't worry.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Fri 14-Apr-17 09:02:40

Also, your DD is only 5. Not even been in school for a year. Try not to worry about age related expectations just yet. smile I say that as a teacher.

Ktown Fri 14-Apr-17 09:03:28

I suppose the question is if you had a healthy balanced diet containing the fats contained in fish as well as some iodine and vitamin D.
I wouldn't overthink this though.

blackcatlover Fri 14-Apr-17 09:07:13

Another vegetarian here. No fish or supplements and both kids above average. As your child is bright I wouldn't worry - they will catch up - they develop skills at different rates. In many countries kids start formal schooling much later.
Possibly consider dyslexia - DD2 is dyslexic but could not read or write at all at 5.

Oliversmumsarmy Fri 14-Apr-17 09:16:20

I am vegetarian took folic acid and a supplement but through them all up within 5 mins of them hitting my stomach. So don't think they did much good
Dd is bright bubbly but Dyslexic. I don't know if I had been able to keep things down if it would have done any good
I am Dyslexic so it could be because of genetics than anything else

user1492156337 Fri 14-Apr-17 09:25:21

Thanks for responses. I didn't take any veggie omega 3 supplements either. Does that also apply to those who have been kind enough to reply? I know it is daft to worry about it at this point.

blackcatlover Fri 14-Apr-17 09:30:19

No, no supplements - I think you are worrying about DD unnecessarily and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with your diet during pregnancy.
I know people born during WW2 when their mums basically starved (not UK) and they seem normal to me.

Oly5 Fri 14-Apr-17 09:32:47

There's no actual proof that fish oils in pregnancy boost IQ. There was a large meta-analysis of studies recently that found no proof

BeingATwatItsABingThing Fri 14-Apr-17 09:38:07

I took only pregnancy vitamins right at the end of my pregnancy. I didn't even take folic acid because I didn't know until it was too late for that. I really wouldn't worry.

Tubbyinthehottub Fri 14-Apr-17 09:40:57

I'm vegetarian and never take any supplements. Didn't through pregnancy, my DC is doing well. My DH decided to take cod liver oil tablets for a few months and it made his semen stink of fish. Totally grim. I made him stop when I realised what it was.

Gallavich Fri 14-Apr-17 09:42:29

Vegetarian and took no supplements when pregnant. My ds is academically above average as am I, as are both my parents.

My mum also ate no fish during her pregnancy with me.

realhousewifeoffitzrovia Fri 14-Apr-17 09:43:16

No supplements, no fish during pregnancy and DD IS 15 and an A student, no food allergies, good immune system 👍

Ktown Fri 14-Apr-17 09:43:29

If you are healthy supplements should not be necessary. If you have enough folic acid in your diet then you won't need supplements.
If you were healthy during the pregnancy then that is important ( am not a medic btw!).

user1492156337 Fri 14-Apr-17 16:49:17

Thanks all. I was not concerned about boosting brain power with omega 3 so much as preventing full brain development through a lack of Omega 3/DHA. You've helped. X

MonkeyBrainsInPickle Fri 14-Apr-17 19:31:42

I'm veggie and so didn't eat any fish or take fish supplements. DD is only 2 but seems bright as button so far. I have no concerns.

bigmouthstrikesagain Fri 14-Apr-17 19:39:26

I was the same as you op, when pregnant (for all three).
Ds is academically gifted and hf autistic, dd1 is artistic, excellent at English and hf autistic, dd2 is NT and academically bright, particularly in English. They are 12,11 and 8.

I am pretty sure the lack of fish oils had no bearing on their intelligence - that, like the autism is genetic and probably environmental.

user1492156337 Fri 14-Apr-17 21:27:19

Thanks for taking the time to post. What is NT, Bigmouth? X

user1492156337 Fri 14-Apr-17 21:28:06

I have read that the baby can take DHA from the mother's thigh and bottom fat if needed!

sailorcherries Fri 14-Apr-17 21:53:06

I have never eaten fish in my life or consumed fish oil/omega 3 supplements. My son is 6 and is working about his level in both Maths and English and is very academic.

Ohyesiam Fri 14-Apr-17 22:20:24

Didn't take supplements or eat fish for either of my fill term pregnancies.
Daughter on year 9, top sets, academic. Son year 6, less academic more creative.

I don't think my mum ever ate fish, and my sister and I both got degrees ( and I'm 50, so before everyone was encouraged to go to uni).
Also my son was very " behind " up to year 3, now he's caught up, average at maths, a bit above average at literacy, some kids brains develop in stages.

Ohyesiam Fri 14-Apr-17 22:23:07

Yes, what is NT? It seems to mean not special needs, of similar, but I can't think what it stands for ( maybe I need some omega oils, my critical thinking has been attacked by menopause!)

Kennethwasmyfriend Fri 14-Apr-17 22:26:56

Neurologically typical

hopsalong Fri 14-Apr-17 22:57:51

I took loads of fish oil and ate lots of wild organic salmon with DC1 (who seems bright, but more obviously is a very happy, calm, sunny child) and have been beating myself up for not managing the same with DC2 (vomited up every attempt at fish oil supplements in first trimester and developed an aversion).

Having said that, the brain is only partially finished at birth, and far from being fully developed at age 5, or even as an early teenager, so I think there's a lot of time to boost DHA afterwards (note some formulas advertise it as being added). Maybe you've already been doing that through breastfeeding as a baby/ diet now, but seems to me definitely not too late to give her supplements now!

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