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Constant hard tummy at week 38+3 days

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supermomoftwins Fri 14-Apr-17 02:49:17

I am having a rock hard top of my belly since 2 days now. I am 38 weeks and 3 days. There is no pain and occasionally the baby moves aswell. Not sure whats going on. I am trying for a vbac after having a planned c sec with my first one. No experience of contractions so kinda confused what these are. Have midwife appointment tomorrow where she will make a decision if i should be going for a membrane sweep. The baby is head down since last couple of weeks not sure if she is engaged yet or not.

ChipIn Fri 14-Apr-17 03:15:53

Check with your midwife. I had something that sounds similar a lot towards the end of my pregnancy and didn't realise they were braxton hicks. It was only when I went for induction it happened while they were monitoring me and midwife said that's what it was.

supermomoftwins Fri 14-Apr-17 17:54:14

Had a midwife visit today and look looks everything is OK. Like you said it was BH. smile

ChipIn Fri 14-Apr-17 23:46:42

Glad everything is ok smile and congratulations

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