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First Trimester Bleeding & Cervix Worries

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CherriesInTheSnow Thu 13-Apr-17 17:50:09

Hi halo

Wondering is anyone has any experienced any weird discharge, and if so have you been given a reason?

At around 7 and a half weeks I had sex with OH. I freaked out because a few hours later I was bleeding. I have had a scan, baby is there and no reason was given for the bleeding.

However I am now 10 weeks, and even though we have avoided PIV sex, I always have fresh red blood in my CM. It's only when I wipe, but I also have a lot of CM and it is so thick and blood streaked. It is basically very similar to the bloody show you get when you are in labour (this is my second pregnancy) and I'm just so worried there is something going on with my cervix sad

I have a midwife appointment on Tuesday and it took me a lot of calls to my GP and finally a trip to urgent care to get them to have a look, and while the lovely sonographer assured me baby was fine, she barely mentioned the bleeding. I am just worried something has happened to my body which could mean I can't carry this baby as well as my first sad

yellowismyfavourite Thu 13-Apr-17 18:14:44

Could you have cervical ectropions? I had this same problem... I knew beforehand I had it because I always bleed on smears and sometimes after DTD but I had no idea it could be a problem in pregnancy. After bleeds and lots of brown and pink discharge between 5 weeks and 15 weeks they eventually told me that the hormones in pregnancy can irritate it and cause the bleeding. As can DTD. Haven't had any problems since 15 weeks... am now 37+4. Maybe worth asking mw/gp to check? Good luck!

CherriesInTheSnow Thu 13-Apr-17 18:43:55

Ahhh thank you so much yellow grin

I am really hoping that's what it is, I think I may have prematurely scared myself; apparently you wouldn't have symptoms in the first tri of an incompetent cervix as baby is too small. So hopefully it is more do to hormones or indeed cervical ectropion.

I think the main cause of my anxiety is the not knowing and having no one offer answers, but I think you might be right smile I had no problems carrying DD to term (but also had no bleeding) so hopefully the midwife will help me on Tuesday. Pregnancy is such a nerve wracking time!

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