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Successful ECV this morning

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littleshoutymouse Thu 13-Apr-17 17:39:05

So today I had a successful ECV! I'm so relieved it worked, and I just wanted to share it with someone!

Not going to lie, it was chuffing painful, and I have fingernail scratches across my bump from the doctor's hands and I nearly crushed poor DH's finger from squeezing his hand during the worst bits. But I am glad we did it, I can now feel kicking at the top of my bump which is a bizarre sensation after feeling nothing but a head there for months.

To anyone else who has had it done, how long was it before the anxiety of them flipping themselves back again went away? I feel like every time she moves I hold my breath in fear!!

Been told to walk lots to help her settle into my pelvis. Any other tips?

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