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Blurred vision, fatigue & nauseous

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MmmAsparagus Thu 13-Apr-17 17:34:17


I'm 4weeks pregnant & have blurred vision, fatigue like hangover & feeling nauseous.

I know 4 weeks is so early - but is this normal?

I'll hopefully get an optician appointment after Easter - but I wondered if anyone else in the mean time had similar?

If I just knew it was ok & normal I think I'd feel a little happier.

Thanks smile

arbrighton Thu 13-Apr-17 19:39:35

Yep, sorry, mostly it is.

I was exhausted throughout my first trimester and I mean, drop asleep constantly sort of exhausted.

I felt nauseous from about five weeks too.

KoolKoala07 Thu 13-Apr-17 21:50:08

I felt hungover every day from week 6. Didn't last long though. Only until about week 10. I'm only 11+5 now. I feel worn out and run down most of the time at the moment.

MmmAsparagus Thu 13-Apr-17 22:22:22

Thank you both so much for replying!

Did either of you have blurred vision? I want to put it down to the overwhelming tiredness but I also don't want to take any chances with my eyes 🙈 I've booked a Specsavers appointment for Tuesday so hopefully that'll be ok!

Thanks again smile

10storeylovesong Fri 14-Apr-17 20:14:38

I had exactly the same between 4-12 weeks - I have naturally very low blood pressure anyway which drops further during pregnancy so put it down to that. The only thing that helped was lying on my back with my feet raised to help raise the blood pressure.

arbrighton Fri 14-Apr-17 20:32:01

I felt a bit dizzy a few times but not blurred vision

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