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to think its all in my head

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pinkiepie1 Thu 13-Apr-17 02:14:14

So I've posted here a few times and do find everything people have to say helpful so I was wondering if anyone had any advice or comforting words of wisdom that might just let me get some rest.

Normally I would ring dm but she will think something is really wrong if I ring at this time.
It's long, so sorry in advance....

Im 35wk today in few hours we are back to the hospital for another growth scan as baby has dropped way off the 10th percentile.
Now im worried what they will do tomorrow if she hasn't grown. Would they leave it a bit longer just to see?
I also have a stitch in which is getting taken out next Thurs... Will I make it that far?

4weeks ago I was admitted with pains had steroids ect cos cervix had gone soft. Long story short because I wasn't withering on the floor in agony i wasn't in that much pain.
Now im paranoid that because the pain is tolerable is it psychological?
I've been getting period like cramps with my stomach getting hard at the top, but just typical today when I went for monitoring that I didn't get any of these pains, but they were happy with the baby so sent home.

On top of it all had gestational diabetes test today... Well yesterday now and I have felt sick ever since, so can't sleep because of all this running around my head and the pain obviously.
Any comments would be more than welcome. Thanks xxx

WreckTangled Thu 13-Apr-17 02:28:34

I don't really have any advice but I'm on the other side of the world so thought I would at least respond to your thread smile

Ime the tightenings are more likely Braxton hicks/your body getting ready. I would take some paracetamol and try to sleep.

Do they think baby has IUGR? If so they will likely induce as she will do better once born. At 35 weeks they'll likely spend a little while in SCBU where they can just feed and grow.

3luckystars Thu 13-Apr-17 02:33:53

Lots of people feel sick after the gestational diabetes test, they actually warned me about this beforehand! It's not very nice.

I don't think anything is in your head at all, you are going through a lot and are nearing the end of a pregnancy! I hope the next few weeks go well and don't be afraid to shout for help if you feel something is not right.

pinkiepie1 Thu 13-Apr-17 02:39:53

Thanks for replying just felt bit alone, dh and daughter are snoring away in bed too, and he's a pain to wake up and talks shit when he firsts wakes up.
What's IUGR?
Im not so worried bout NICU or SCBU I've had two premmies so i know the drill and now not afraid of all the machines.
But this is the furthest I've gotten so its a bit like 1st pregnancy you could say, so I don't know what's normal and what is me thinking the worse. Xx

pinkiepie1 Thu 13-Apr-17 02:43:24

At least im not alone, I hate been sick and have been paranoid im getting another sickness bug.
Do you know how long it takes to get the results? The person who did the test wasn't very helpful.

WreckTangled Thu 13-Apr-17 02:53:13

It's intrauterine growth retardation (horrible name!).

The gestational diabetes test will be back tomorrow if it's abnormal. Otherwise it will probably be another day before you know the result.

ifyouthinkiwillsleepyoudream Thu 13-Apr-17 02:53:38

I had the gestational diabetes test (and did have gd) and if memory serves, they called me with the results the next day. Although perhaps if you don't have it they don't call right away?

The period like pains sound like braxton hicks. that was also the type of pain I got when labour started...But i did get braxton hicks throughout the third trimester and didn't go into labour till 38+3, so doesn't mean any thing. Sorry I realise this is not very helpful

Blueroses99 Thu 13-Apr-17 03:03:37

Can't comment on your baby's growth - but seeing as you have a stitch you may have the same cervical issue that I do which is characterised by painless dilation. I turned up to hospital with 'cramps' and was in labour, 3cm dilated, but I didn't know cos it just wasn't painful!

First time round, it didn't end well, second time despite the stitch I'm still at risk of pre-term labour so I'm vigilant for every twinge knowing that 'pain' doesn't feel as strong to me as most people.

pinkiepie1 Thu 13-Apr-17 03:05:16

That really is a horrible name, is that basically when baby stops growing?

Honestly everything is helpful, and I appreciate it.
With me seeing whoever it maybe later ill ask them see if results are in.

If its Braxton hicks I can live with that. I worry because 3 doctors I've seen have said if I go into labour with the stitch still in place it will feel like I've been ripped apart and could do X amount of damage to my cervix and I'd rather it be took out and have it removed than be ripped apart.
Im starting to wonder if they just want to scare living day lights out of me.

Then on other hand worried that it is just Braxton hicks and I've wasted everyone's time being worried.

Don't think tiredness helps when it comes to logical thinking lol

Thanks everyone for replying xx

WreckTangled Thu 13-Apr-17 03:12:08

Yes it's just when they don't grow at the expected rate.

My friend had a stitch in when her waters broke. Baby was breech anyway and she had a C section booked but they obvs had to do an emergency one. She was ok though smile

pinkiepie1 Thu 13-Apr-17 03:16:24

Blueroses,- with my 1st I went into full labour at 23+6 but I 'wasn't' in labour because i wasn't in pain. Basically cos I sat and waited patiently for doc to see me. She was in shock when I was already 10cm and got rushed upto delivery.

With my daughter (who is currently deafening me snoring) I ended up having an emergency section at 32wk so never had any of these types of pain and the stitch was removed after section so didn't have the worry of being 'ripped apart'

I just wanted one pregnancy that was 'normal' and each time I get something new, its like how much more can go wrong sort of feeling.

pinkiepie1 Thu 13-Apr-17 03:20:40

They have suggested another section, which I think with the way things are going is going to be sooner rather than later, just got that feeling that one time I'll go into hospital and I won't be coming out... (not in a morbid death kind of way, in a let's keep you here until you've had it kind of way)

Or I maybe I'm just melodramatic lol

WreckTangled Thu 13-Apr-17 03:23:19

I would probably push for a section sooner rather than later or ask them to remove the stitch. You're 35 weeks now so not too early and it seems to be (understandably) causing you a lot of stress. I've had two complicated pregnancies and it's no fun. Makes me jealous of those who sail through it!

salmaahmed Thu 13-Apr-17 03:27:54

This happened to me but at 37 weeks they induced me and baby was out the next day.

pinkiepie1 Thu 13-Apr-17 03:34:58

I actually wrote 'Im envious of women who actually sail through pregnancy, actually im completely childishly jealous of them'
But I didn't know how it would be taken written, cos how you say it in your head isn't how it comes across on screen sometimes.

Im also jealous of the fact I've never gotten to hold a baby after its born, both were rushed off to NICU before I really got a good look at them.

I'll see what they say after the scan, for all I know it might be taken out my hands. If not, yeah ill see what they say if i explain what's been happening.
Thanks all

WreckTangled Thu 13-Apr-17 03:38:38

I feel exactly the same! Also those who get to take their babies home straight away. It's not fair blush I didn't get to hold Ds for a week.

pinkiepie1 Thu 13-Apr-17 03:48:45

I didn't get to see my daughter until 2pm the next day, (had her at 8.48pm) and that hurt.
If I remember correctly it was 4 day until I got to hold her, but about 9 days until dh finally did.
More for the fact we were 100 miles from home and he couldn't get up every day.

Thanks wreck I've always felt such alone thinking like that, really glad im not the only one.

annlee3817 Thu 13-Apr-17 07:29:01

Ring the midwife this morning and mention the period pains,I remember the consultant saying to me that I was to tell him if I was getting period pains and tightenings as I also had a soft cervix that was shortening. I avoided the stitch though. I had period cramping on and off from about 30 weeks, was signed off at 32 weeks as Dd was pretty much engaged, but I did go to 40 + 5, I was already 3cm when I had a sweep. Hope all goes well with the scan today and you get some reassurance. 35 weeks is an amazing milestone considering what you've gone through, nothing wrong with being jealous of those that sail through , it's horrible being on edge throughout the pregnancy, I had the steroid jabs at 24 weeks and was stressed from then until I got to 37 weeks flowers

pinkiepie1 Thu 13-Apr-17 07:40:45

Thanks all, ill let everyone know what's said/happens... cos it annoys me when you never find out after investing time on a thread lol

ifyouthinkiwillsleepyoudream Thu 13-Apr-17 08:10:37

Good luck pinkie!
And never hesitate to call your midwife / go to GP / hospital etc
They are always happy to set our kind at ease and calm us down, they don't mind

pinkiepie1 Fri 14-Apr-17 21:49:17

Hi all, just a quick update... Would have updated yesterday but my phone decided to die and then ran out of data.

So went for the growth scan and because it had only been 13days not 14 days they couldn't do it, which then set all my hormonal tears off. But they are doing one on Monday thankfully.

The gestational diabetes test came back negative so that was a relief, and I didn't feel guilty about tucking into an Easter egg lol.

The also tested for pre eclampsia but test came back clear too.

I actually had the nicest doctor ever, so nice that I actually cried and explained everything, amd he even gave me a hug!! Which then made me cry more lol

So the plan is now to have a 'planned' section on Thurs and remove the stitch. Rather than remove the stitch and have to do an emergency section.

Now I like this action plan, makes me feel more in control of knowing what's happening, I just hope that on Monday it won't change again. It's the constant changes which are driving me mad, not knowing which way to turn.

They have me in every day now anyway for monitoring, which will help my anxiety.

And it was just typical when I spent to hospital I had non of those tightening lol

Just wanted to thank everyone again for replying to me in my time of need xxxx

WreckTangled Fri 14-Apr-17 22:09:29

Aww thanks tor the update I'm pleased that you have a plan in place. Fingers crossed it doesn't change.

ifyouthinkiwillsleepyoudream Fri 14-Apr-17 22:11:58

So pleased it all turned out ok! It does help me too to feel in control, I know what you mean. It is good to have a plan.

Btw I think braxton hicks are typically felt mostly when we are not that active - sitting for a long time for example or even in bed at night. so it might be what those tightening were (seems possible, did the doc mentioned them as an option at all?) if you were more active at the hospital and walking around and so didn't have any

pinkiepie1 Sat 15-Apr-17 00:18:31

Nothing was actually mentioned about the tightening's, I'm putting it down to a bad case of Braxton hicks, only because if it bad been something else I'm sure they would have said??

The doctor seemed more concerned about the heavy-ness I kept feeling like a bowling ball trying to crush my spine from the inside, which is why he came up with this new action plan.

Yeah fingers crossed, I'm actually very happy with this latest plan, really hope it sticks.

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