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Fenugreek leaves

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Samila Wed 12-Apr-17 17:23:48

Hi all - I am 28 weeks pregnant and just made a cure with peas and fenugreek leaves. I just googled fenugreek leaves to see if it had any iron as I am trying to increase my iron levels and noticed lots of articles on how fenugreek can induce labour, cause miscarriage and cause open-term labour! I was really shocked to read this especially as I've spent hours making this curry and really craving it! Anyone else's thoughts on eating fenugreek leaves during pregnancy?
Thanks xx

GreedyDuck Wed 12-Apr-17 23:07:25

Never heard of it causing labour. Meant to be very good for milk production though, I was necking fenugreek tablets and methi chicken by the bowlful when I was trying to breastfeed.

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