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Heart decelerations 37 weeks

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mammytoonebabyboy Wed 12-Apr-17 16:57:59

I went into dau for low movement (had been moving just not like normal) and was on the monitor for 20 minutes, as per he moved loads on the monitor but they kept having to move the monitor because mine and the baby's heart rate was the same or nearly the same. They also noticed his heart rate dropped below 100 a few times, the midwife wasn't concerned and said it was a nice trace other than that but said she wanted it checked by a doctor who signed it too say it was fine. But typically of me, I am now worrying even though they both said he's fine. I'm worrying especially because he's so quiet today. The midwife said he's probably just laid on his cord or squeezing it but I'm still worrying so can someone else reassure me??

On the plus side, the midwife said labour was imminent as was having close to true labour contractions so he might finally be making an appearance - 13 miles of walking paid off haha.

crombanna Wed 12-Apr-17 17:07:42

13 miles, wow! Good going.

My advice? Go in again and get monitored. You're not happy with movements, and that's an important way of monitoring fetal wellbeing at this stage. Of course it is likely everything is fine but if i were you I'd just be worrying. Also, if you have a few attendances with reduced movements in my hospital they tend to take it seriously and offer scans/further monitoring to get a better idea of how the baby is doing in there.

I know it can be a faff...Just take a good book, and some snacks!

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