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Pre Ejaculation/Girlfriend Not Ovulating

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user1492010898 Wed 12-Apr-17 16:32:27

Me and my girlfriend were fooling around and I inserted my penis in her with what I assume had pre ejaculation on it (didn't check, but was pretty excited), but decided to opt out incase we went all the way.

She isn't ovulating, so what are the chances of her becoming pregnant? I worry a lot, and am annoyed at myself for doing anything like this in the first place without protection.


DinosaurFanGirl Wed 12-Apr-17 17:19:50

Unlikely considering that sperm is not always present in pre ejaculation and it is, it isn't often very mobile. But, sperm can live fo up to 7 days once its entered the vagina and so even if your girlfriend isn't ovulating the day you have sex, the sperm could still be present when she next ovulates (unless a period occurs between then!). Another thing to point out is ovulation isn't the same for certain every month, even if a woman thinks she is usually regular she might be different one month for so many reasons.

Anyway if you are really worried you could get the morning after pill with her (she needs to be the one to go get it). Usually its free for under 21s and if you're over 21 then last time I checked it was £25 (a lot cheaper than raising a baby!!).

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