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Stupid question alert! What is your tummy "popping" like?

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mummabubs Wed 12-Apr-17 16:11:31

Sorry, first time mum-to-be here!

I'm nearly 15 weeks and I have a definite bump, but it's still a bit squishy (ish!) A few of my friends said around weeks 16-18 their bumps "popped" overnight- which gives me the image of a popcorn kernel suddenly exploding! 😂 Whilst I doubt that's the reality I was wondering if people could explain to me what this mystical popping looks/feels like and when you experienced it? Thanks everyone! 😊

toomuchtimereadingthreads2016 Wed 12-Apr-17 16:24:00

Lol at the popcorn... I seemed to pop about two minutes after having sex with DH... Think its just that moment when you go from "well I can see it, but could just be food baby to others" to "wow that is a proper ball shaped bump! a stranger could defo tell I am pregnant now!"

donkey86 Wed 12-Apr-17 16:26:48

I'm 16 weeks and just this morning I noticed my bump is changing from just fat to looking more like a 'proper' bump. I think it might just be the dress I'm wearing, though! I look quite round in the dress but without clothes my bump is still just a B shape. I hope the middle bit pops out soon.

DinosaurFanGirl Wed 12-Apr-17 17:12:20

From about 17wks if I wore tight clothing I had an obvious bump but it was at 23wks that this "popping" occurred. I noticed it myself as suddenly I found myself struggling to do things like tie a shoe lace or get off the sofa and I even fell on my arse as I tried to get back up too quickly from bending down haha. Everyone at work was also like "wow you are pregnant for certain now" when I walked into the office on Monday morning.

TheLegendOfBeans Wed 12-Apr-17 17:17:59

It's the oddest thing.

So here's what happened to me.

Basically I went from my middle thickening (like I'd just been at the pies) and at 21w - overnight it just became a "bump".

Can't remember when I got my linea nights but it was earlier because I remember thinking it was "wobbly" and that when I got a bump that'd "push it straight".

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