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38+4 oblique lie

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WaitroseCoffeeCostaCup Wed 12-Apr-17 09:55:31

I went for a standard midwife check yesterday and she found that the baby is lying oblique.
The Midwife rang up and booked me an appointment with my consultant. She said it was an emergency but they didn't have any appointments available until tomorrow lunchtime.
Will they really try and turn the baby at 38+5?
After her warning me that the cord could come out if my waters break I'm pretty much terrified to move!
This is baby number 4 and it's the Easter holidays so no chance of relaxing!!
So be brutally honest with me...a c section is the most likely scenario here isn't it?

Suzysuz Wed 12-Apr-17 11:37:36

I'm 38+5 and have similar! Recently found have mild excess fluid so baby unlikely to get in or stay engaged and moves between breech, transverse and oblique.

I was offered the ECV procedure which refused and had no issues from the doctors trying to persuade me.

Options now are planned c section (booked in for next week) or was offered ARM procedure where they'll induce & break waters in theatre setting, check that head engages rather than cord first - if head then can deliver or if cord then in the right place for section straight away.

I've opted for planned section and also have the warnings re any cramps/blood/waters get to hospital asap, I won't lie that it worries me and is quite scary, have felt a bit like a ticking time bomb this week!

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