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had GD (diet-controlled), but a small baby, chances of GD w/ 2nd preg?

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adorkableme Tue 11-Apr-17 13:33:38

Wondering if anyone who had gd found in their third trimester, controlled by diet had a smaller baby than predicted? If so, did you have gd in your second preg and at what week it was discovered?

yolorolo Tue 11-Apr-17 20:46:30

My first pregnancy in 2014 had gestational diabetes and my final growth scan at 36weeks had an estimated weight of 7lbs plus, two days later gave birth to a 5lb6oz ds naturally without induction. My diabetes was diet controlled throughout as I refused metformin. My second pregnancy in 2015 I had no gestational diabetes at all and my monthly gtt tests came back at fasting levels of 5.0. Was another small baby dd of 5lb4oz. Currently 24 weeks with dc3 and so far all gtt tests normal at fasting levels of 5.0. I do see a consultant as babies were low birth weight and he seems somewhat baffled as to why as he regularly tells me that any pregnancy following gd is highly likely to be the same.

adorkableme Sat 22-Apr-17 22:08:17

Thanks Yolorolo.

I'm 17 wks and turned down the gd tes due to still breastfeeding. I didn't have the chance to naturally give birth due to consultants who thought my son was going to be big and pushed for induction at 36 wks. I knew otherwise, and refused. Gave in at 39 wks, induction failed, emer cs and he was just 6lb 14 oz. I'm just curious since most women I've heard or read with gd usually had babies much bigger than mine and have it again with their second pregnancy. It's reassuring to hear that it is not always the case.

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