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Just for fun.. second baby image in scan

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Oddsocksforeveryone Tue 11-Apr-17 11:50:56

Hello ladies. Yesterday I had a scan putting me at 10+5. Very fast scan, no due date or chat with anyone literally: yes there's a baby, heartbeat, looks around 10+5, rebook for later scan . Took maybe 5 minutes.
I sent the scan photo to a couple of friends and one thinks there is a second baby in the photo. She can see a head and arm.
I love scan photos because it's pretty much like looking at TV static, you can see all sorts if you imagine it. (I think the black shape to the right looks like a scorpion)
I'm not going to say where she sees it, I thought I would see if anyone else can spot it.
There are twins in my family but I imagine the sonographer would have noticed it off it were a second baby so this is just for fun

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