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Inductions - your stories please!

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TwinkleStars15 Mon 10-Apr-17 20:17:39

So I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I'm going to be induced, I'm only 29 weeks so have a while to get my head around it. My initial reactions was "no way" and the consultant actually said "I don't blame you, it is more painful that a normal labour, hence why most people have an epidural" but went on to say it would be safer! I've not had the chance to speak to anyone about it yet but have been reading up as much as I can (not always a good thing). Can any of you ladies share your stories of induction? No covering up the bad bits, an honest account is needed please! xx

LoveDeathPrizes Mon 10-Apr-17 20:23:43

Induced at 42 weeks. Gave birth at 42 + 3 (wasn't too worried as pretty sure my dates were out). As I was only induced for post-dates, the doctors were quite laid back. Baby was regularly monitored and fine. Had the pessary in the morning and was allowed to sleep at home in the evening. Went back at 7am. 2cm dilated but I asked that we postpone
water breaking (I was basically just trying to buy time to go into labour naturally). DH and I walked 9 miles around the hospital and kind of hid! Finally went back to be examined at 11pm and I was 9cm so rushed to the pool for a natural waterbirth. I was really worried about not being allowed to call the shots but it wasn't like that at all. I told the MF I didn't want my waters breaking (as that would have put me on a deadline before drip and other interventions) and she was really good and just left us to get on with it! Good luck!

SpaceDinosaur Mon 10-Apr-17 21:39:22

I was induced at 40+3 as I developed pre eclampsia.
Day 1 they tried the tampon thing which was shite
Day 2 they tried the pessary gel.

I honest to God had a fantastic labour and birth. The staff on the ward thought I was in the latent phase and told me "we'll check you later" I eventually had a sigh and a "ok, we'll check you and get you to delivery suite for some pain relief if you're 4cm.... I NEED A DELIVERY PACK!" Yup, right up until I delivered my daughter on the ward. (3 min of pushing) This is because I "managed it very well" and I was "far too calm"
Not one single VE during labour! 😁

Induction was my nightmare. I was TERRIFIED of the syntocin drip because an induction is apparently more painful. My contractions were 2min apart from the word go but I actually had the labour and birth I wanted (ok, no water birth, no gas and air, nothing but my hypnobirthing MP3s and my birth ball I got DH to bring from home because I wasn't allowed a hospital one as I "wasn't in labour.") but I had a medical hands off experience other than them jump starting proceedings. I wouldn't have believed that an induction could have been such an amazing experience.

SpaceDinosaur Mon 10-Apr-17 21:42:45

Like LoveDeath I also was going to instruct that my waters were not broken (they went naturally as she started to descend) because I did not want to be told I had XYZ minutes to achieve XYZ or there would be more interventions.

TwinkleStars15 Mon 10-Apr-17 22:08:33

Thank you both! I really don't want to be hooked up to a drip, which is my biggest issue with an induction, but sounds like I could agree to the pessaries to hopefully kick start things? Are you allowed to labour in the water pool if you've had an induction?

TwinkleStars15 Mon 10-Apr-17 22:09:36

Thank you both! I really don't want to be hooked up to a drip, which is my biggest issue with an induction, but sounds like I could agree to the pessaries to hopefully kick start things? Are you allowed to labour in the water pool if you've had an induction?

Jfw82 Mon 10-Apr-17 22:14:16

I was induced at 37+2 for reduced movement. I was already 'high risk' as my bp had gone up in trimester3. Pessary for 24 hours and nothing... it came out and then had off/on contractions for a few hours then stopped. My hospital insists on 24 hours after pessary removed to start next step... examined next day and cervix favourable so they did artificial rupture of membranes. Progressed for couple of hours and was then moved onto syntocin drip. Requested epidural and this was done at same time as drip started. From that point a fairly relaxed labour and delivered DS just over 9hours later (6lb15). Xx

Zebrasinpyjamas Mon 10-Apr-17 22:16:42

I had to be induced after my waters broke but I had no contractions. I had an epidural and the drip from the start. I was gutted as I wanted a water birth not to be stuck on a bed. However it was actually lovely. The epidural meant it was under control, sedate and calm the whole way through. The MW just told me to wait and keep waiting (and then wait some more) until dd was fully descended. Every time they checked, she would say let's wait another 2hrs!! However once she was ready, 2pushes (literally) and dd popped out. It was a long time (11hrs) but I spent 10.50 mins of that reading and chatting grin to my lovely MW.

AyeAmarok Mon 10-Apr-17 22:31:12

Induced at 42 weeks, one prostaglandin and BANG. Precipitous labour; crazy contractions, dilated far too quickly in a ward alone (overnight) with no midwife, rushed from antenatal ward to delivery room fully dilated, big red button and a crash ventouse delivery with ventouse due to fetal distress. Episiotomy, which caused a major PPH, no time for pain relief (other than local anaesthetic before the cut). Baby needed some help getting breathing established. Then blood transfusions (for me).

But we're both fine smile And the emergency team of doctors were fantastic and weirdly, at the time, I felt like they had everything perfectly under control. confused

Good luck!!

LoveDeathPrizes Mon 10-Apr-17 23:09:52

Spacedinosaur I wasn't allowed pain relief either because it was for 'people in labour!'

MumOfTwoMasterOfNone Tue 11-Apr-17 00:26:33

Horrible with my DS...20 hours of excruciating labour. 3.5 hours of pushing, episiotomy, failed epidurals, no pain relief and pure exhaustion.

With my DD, it really wasn't bad but they just broke my waters and I was off. 5 hours later she was here and it was a breeze in comparison. Personally I think the difference was that she was my second and she was perfectly cooked grin

adorkableme Tue 11-Apr-17 14:48:21

I was bullied into it by consultants. They wanted to induce at 36 wks because my son "looked" big, yet they had this same plan when he was smaller than average. Had diet-controlled GD from 33 wks, but my numbers only spiked twice through my whole pregnancy, & I read that GD in 3rd trimester wasn't a reason for induction. My last ultrasound, he was 7.5 lbs, not exactly a big baby at almost 39 wks nor did I agree because his movements felt swirly, and my bump was small. I regret not sticking with my instincts and not leaving the moment they said they didn't have me on the list when I arrived to the hospital. Induced at 39 wks. In and out of labour for almost 3 days, had the pessary, the gel, waters broken by them and only dilated to 3 cm after bouncing on a birth ball, walking around and handling the pain with hypnobirthing and later gas and air with a mix of a warm pad for my pelvis & a cold towel for my back when they added the drip, ended in emer c-section. My little guy was only 6lb 14 oz. My body obviously wasn't ready and my son needed oxygen when they pulled him out. Found out after having a birth debrief that I didn't need to be induced which was bittersweet. I only hope it doesn't eliminate my chances for a vbac because I'm 15 wks with my 2nd and don't want another c-sec if I can help it.

summerfling Tue 11-Apr-17 14:51:05


TheLegendOfBeans Tue 11-Apr-17 14:51:31

"Request an epidural at the same time as they start on the drip" is the most common induction advice I've seen on here
My story is too dull to share x

Rumblemumble Tue 11-Apr-17 15:02:50

Induced at 41+5. Broke my waters at 7pm, contractions started 30seconds later. Got to 9cm, ended up with emcs (narrowly avoided under GA) at just after 11pm due to baby's heart rate dropping.
Was a fast rollercoaster of a labour but worth it!

TwinkleStars15 Tue 11-Apr-17 20:42:19

Wow a mixed bag of experiences! The consultant's have scared me too much and I'm terrified of having an epidural (I'm on blood thinning injections so apparently blood could seep into my spinal cord and paralyse me!) so I'm worried about being induced without the option of an epidural.... I've got a meeting with a supervisor of midwifes next week so hopefully can go though all my options then. Thank you so much for sharing your stories x

EdgarAllenPoe Wed 12-Apr-17 09:27:12

I was induced at 41+1 because my waters had gone naturally 2 days previously but absolutely nothing was happening. I cannot fault their reason for inducing me, I actually wanted to be induced a day after my waters went but there were no labour rooms available. I had everything, the pessary, the drip.

I found the hardest part to be the continual monitoring. Every time I even slightly moved, the monitor would lose the baby's heartbeat, so I had to stay as still as possible. I was deeply uncomfortable anyway (massive baby) but that made dealing with contractions difficult.

That being said, I made it 12 hours or so just using breathing techniques. Then I had some gas and air mainly because I couldn't stand the vaginal exams. The gas and air made it difficult to concentrate on breathing so I had a shot of diamorphine a couple of hours later. Pain-wise the diamorphine worked well, but I got terrible motion sickness from it. I wanted to avoid an epidural because I'd heard it can slow labour down, and obviously I didn't have that luxury. With hindsight I would have just had the epidural.

22 hours in and I was still only 3cm dilated and baby not even descended into my pelvis properly. So I had an EMCS. By this point I was relieved more than anything. The CS was calm and straight forward, and my 10lb baby and I were fine.

My birth doesn't look great on paper, but actually it wasn't scary or anxious for me. I made a big effort to remain calm and the staff were great. That being said, I'm pregnant again and I'm planning on an ELCS this time, just because I'm not a good candidate for a VBAC.

Just remember, most inductions are successful or they wouldn't be offered. And even when they aren't, it usually works out fine. And if it's very painful, take the epidural - I should have!

EdgarAllenPoe Wed 12-Apr-17 09:29:55

Just read about your issues with the epidural. As mentioned diamorphine worked very well for me as a painkiller - just unfortunate about all the puking it caused. Puking when you've just had a CS is not much fun! There are lots of options so don't panic just yet. I consider myself a huge wuss, so I was amazed how far a bit of focused breathing took me.

DuggeeHugs Wed 12-Apr-17 09:41:53

Induced at 39+2 for gestational hypertension, EMCS (finally!) at 40+0. EMCS was lovely smile

TheLegendOfBeans Wed 12-Apr-17 09:56:29

Edgar sounds like you and me had similar experiences...

NameChangerConarantly Wed 12-Apr-17 11:19:50

Ive had 3 babies and been induced for two of them

My first they used the peccasarys and the gel, he was born 72 hours later, all was fine, pain was managable

My 3rd they used the drip and it was so painful. Ive always been frightened of a needle in my bsck but the pain was that bad from the drip i ended up having an epidural. ( Managed half sn hour of the drip before i asked them to tske it out! ) baby was born 10 hours later

Ive had 3 babies and i can honestly say the drip contractions were the worst. I do advise an epidural x

MummyPenguin2 Wed 12-Apr-17 12:38:18

I was induced at 38+5 for high blood pressure. Initially they broke my waters, but nothing happened. Then they popped a catheter into my cervix and inflated it, but no success. I was then put on the drip, which worked. Very strong contractions started straight away and because of the high blood pressure I was advised to have an epidural. I was in labour for 20 hours, but only dilated to 7cm. Eventually baby started getting decelerations on the CTG, so I had an emergency C section.
Honestly, the C section was wonderful! I have a tiny scar and didn't need any analgesia once the epidural had worn off. I'm currently 39/40 and eagerly awaiting my 2nd C section.
I would absolutely agree with above poster who recommended an epidural. The contractions come on strong and fast with the drip.
Also, I wasn't allowed in the birthing pool because I had to be hooked up to the CTG machine and thank goodness I was so the decelerations were spotted.
With regards to your blood thinning injections (clexane or one of the other heparin injections I'm guessing?)- if you have a planned induction these are usually stopped the day before so it's all out of your system by the time epidurals are needed.

bobbis Wed 12-Apr-17 13:08:05

Induced at 37 weeks due to DD being under the 10th centile. Had a pessary in, 20 hours later I started to contract but ECG showed that baby wasn't happy. Got taken to the consultant led unit, pessary removed and everything slowed and eventually stopped. Waters were broken 4 hours later, constant monitoring. I was contracting but not regularly and they were manageable for me. After 9 hours I hadn't dilated further than 2cm so they put me on the drip.
I'm glad my midwife convinced the doctors to see if I could dilate naturally but it just didn't happen.
I'd had some codeine before the drip.
I had got to 4ml on the drip when I started gas and air. I didn't go higher than 8ml and she was born 3 and a half hours after I was put on the drip.
My placenta got stuck and I refused to go to theatre so the doctor manually removed it in the delivery room with gas and air. That was the only bit I found really bad about the whole process. But even with that we were discharged the same day and I stopped being sore within a week.
DD was perfect and is now a month old and piling the weight on.
Whilst it wasn't the relaxed home birth I had originally planned, it was definitely the right decision.

Hellofromtheoutside2 Wed 12-Apr-17 13:37:12

I was induced at 42 weeks and not allowed home afterwards (it was evening). They said my husband would have to go home as probably nothing would happen til morning. I refused, as they had previously said for some women the induction takes effect v quickly, and also there was a leaflet somewhere saying that birth partners could stay. They found us a room but I would have sat in a waiting room with my husband rather than be left alone!

It did kick in quickly (it was the tampon thing) but I wasn't allowed any pain relief as I wasn't actually 'in labour'... I have since read that induction is often more painful than labour that begins naturally but was not armed with this info at the time!

Nobody checked on me at all except when my husband went and insisted. Eventually I was offered pethidine, and then advised it would not actually relieve pain but might take my mind off it! It did not relieve pain but in between pains I felt a marvellous level of just slightly high!

By the morning I was begging for an epidural as they were telling me I still wasn't in labour and I just thought, 'If it hurts this much and I'm not even in labour, I obviously have a low pain threshold, I'm one of those women who just can't do it without ALL THE DRUGS, that's ok, do what you need to do...' In hindsight if they had been up front about the level of pain I might experience I may well have managed it much better, but they told me it would be like period pain!! I remember shouting at my husband that if this was like period pain, how did women hold down jobs while on their period?!!

Anyway after an aggressive sweep that I did not consent to, they eventually said I could be moved to a labour room and they would let me have an epidural. When the anaesthetist came in I nearly kissed her.

From then on it went absolutely fine, midwives were lovely and I was not left alone at any point. I was hooked up to a drip due to the epidural and I wasn't allowed to eat anything but I didn't care, I merrily told the midwife I would drink Ribena and wait a week if necessary, as long as they kept the drugs coming! I had an epidural that you 'top up' yourself and hardly topped up at all so I still felt things and could move around (on the bed, I could not have walked) but I was no longer miserable and in pain.

I gave birth without further intervention about 12 hours later. I tore but it was fine. They were close to intervening and I was aware I had to push her out quickly if I wanted to avoid theatre, but the staff managed to make me aware of this without stressing me out.

In hindsight, the induction itself was fine and the birth was fine, but the lack of realistic info re what to expect was not fine. I honestly think that I would have been far better prepared mentally if they had been up front about the possibility/likelihood of high levels of pain. It sounds like your docs are being honest with you, which is great as if you really want to avoid an epidural you can prepare by considering alternatives and, if it is very painful, you will know that this is normal!

Best of luck, whatever happens you won't give a toss as long as you and baby are well afterwards.

Andysgirl15 Wed 12-Apr-17 13:48:19

I was induced at 41+5 pessary was put in at 12pm had a few on and off pains didn't think nothing of it as they weren't painful Was checked at 7am the next morning as I begged them too but they kept putting it off as I weren't in any real pain and was told I was 4cm and ready to go up to delivery, anyway 7:15 waters broke got up to delivery at 7:35 3 pushes later he was born at 7:45. I had a 45 minute labour but once my waters broke i had one long continous contraction until he was born. I expected it as my daughter was a rapid labour too (3 hours) so induction didn't really change the way my body labours as it was similar to my daughters and I laboured naturally with her. But everyone is completely different I'm just one of the lucky few who have really quick labours.

Good luck

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