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Getting anxious again

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chelle85 Mon 10-Apr-17 17:26:38

We had our anomaly scan 3 weeks ago at 18wk 5days. I have an anterior placenta so not feeling any movement yet at 22wks. It is really starting to make me anxious as I still don't have much of a bump either and my next midwife appt isn't for another 3 weeks. I know in all likelihood all is well but the fact there are no more scans ahead and I can't feel movement (my mum didn't really feel any movement with me til after 30 wks!) is making me really anxious.

My hormones seem to be in overdrive at the minute aswell and I am bursting into tears if someone so much as asks me a question!

Blueroses99 Mon 10-Apr-17 18:53:07

I'm 23 weeks with an anterior placenta and while I have felt movement sporadically, I hadn't felt anything for a couple of days and was told by a midwife to get it checked out. The midwife listened in and told me baby was fine and could hear her moving but I couldn't feel a thing. I was actually told off for not going in sooner. I called the maternity assessment unit at the hospital rather than the community midwife. Don't wait til your next appointment.

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