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Tell me what I should say!

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GastonsWife Mon 10-Apr-17 10:13:51

Hello Ladies!
I want to preface by saying I am a very shy and timid lady who normally tends to go along with other people. HOWEVER I now know I have to stand up for myself my baby and my mental health. This might be a long post as I don't want to drip feed.
I would like to be induced on my due date
I have severe anxiety and since maternity leave has started it has become crippling to the point where it is affecting every aspect of my life. This is rooted in the idea that the baby is going to be still born.
I have been referred to menta health midwives since 20 weeks but nothing has ever come of it.
I have chased it up several times as has my midwife.
I have been to the hospital four times for reduced movements.
Having a set date, I feel, would really really help my anxiety as it would give me something to countdown to.
Am I asking for something they don't even allow?
Many thanks in advance.

DIVivienneDeering Mon 10-Apr-17 13:36:03

No advice I'm afraid but bumping for you. Hope someone with knowledge/experience comes along soon.

Lunalovepud Mon 10-Apr-17 14:34:58

So sorry you are feeling like this OP.

Please speak to your midwife about getting this agreed - it will probably mean a referral to a consultant but they will discuss the options with you and explain what can be done.

Mental health issues ARE medical issues so you there is no reason why you wouldn't qualify for any intervention that is applicable for a mother with medical issues.

Good luck with everything. flowers

inspiredbutohsotired Mon 10-Apr-17 14:38:10

Not really any advice but I struggle a lot with anxiety and depression and have done for years. Depression has subsided while pregnant but anxiety has gotten massively worse, constantly worrying if the baby is okay. I've still got 16 weeks to go and every day is a worry for me but I'm taking it as it comes. Good luck flowers

crunched Mon 10-Apr-17 14:56:11

I requested induction on my due date for third DC for various reasons.
The maternity staff at the hospital were very reluctant and would only consider this after I had managed to get my GP on side. Once she had discussed my situation in detail, she contacted relevant medical staff and I did indeed get my wish.

JonSnowsWhore Mon 10-Apr-17 15:23:48

I only touched upon being induced on my due date with this pregnancy & my consultant agreed it straight away. Different reasons but the same as in it's not because the baby is in danger or anything. So definitely ask, no hospital is the same so you'll get different answers from everyone on here. & you don't have to take no as the first & only answer. In my last pregnancy I sat there & argued with my consultant over it until he agreed

GiraffeCat Tue 11-Apr-17 11:12:20

If you've had so many instances of a reduced movements, you really should be getting a scan - I think it was my trusts policy to have it within 48 hours of the 3rd instance. I was actually induced due to reduced movements, my DS was fine but was ready to be born (meconium and cord wrapped around the neck - twice!).

Don't be scared, but do chase it, call your midwife unit if need be and ask to go in. Ask to speak to the supervisor of midwives, they will be a higher up.

Also ask what their policies are regarding how long referrals for mental health should take. I was put onto antidepressants during my pregnancy and was then considered under the consultant specialist for antenatal mental health, and had to have 48 observation on hospital after the birth also.

If there is any refusal to give you info, or to take action you believe to be essential, request that it is put into your notes as a record of said refusal - I would not be surprised if they change their tune if they are not adhering to policy, and if they are then it should be fine to record (i.e. Justifiable).

Hope that helps you, keep posting here xxx

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