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Home workouts suitable for pregnancy?!

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user1480264544 Mon 10-Apr-17 09:37:11

I'm 24 weeks gone and would really like some home workouts that would be ok to do.. I've always been active but have become a bit lazy these last few weeks 🐷 I don't want to loose weight just want to keep active and tone my wobbly bits as much as possible.... I still do housework daily .. working in retail which i spend my entire mornings on my feet and have a toddler who keeps me going but any tips or websites would be appreciated x

user1484986087 Mon 10-Apr-17 10:05:02

See the prenatal workouts by Bodyfit by Amy on YouTube - there are also other workouts on there.
Suzanne Bowen's Long and Lean Pregancy workout DVD plus Sara Haley's Expecting More DVD

user1480264544 Mon 10-Apr-17 10:50:12

Thank you I will have a look, I guess now I'm really seeing the changes in my body and attitude towards moving I need to do something lol!

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