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Membrane sweep

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babynelly2010 Sun 09-Apr-17 21:15:06

Hi, my mw scheduled an appointment for me 2 days before I am 41 weeks this coming thursday. She said she will give me a membrane sweep if i don't have a baby by then. She is booking it on thursday as it is a bank holiday on friday and on saturday when it is 41 weeks they don't work. I am ok to have it, I had it last time and its worked but I don' t want to have on thursday before I am 41 weeks. Can I ask to be seen for a sweep on saturday at the hospital?

FanaticalFox Mon 10-Apr-17 11:41:38

I would just do it. Surely 2 days makes no odds? hmm

Bluebelltulip Mon 10-Apr-17 12:06:19

Where I am they offer the first sweep at 40weeks so I don't see a problem

confusedat23 Mon 10-Apr-17 12:39:03

I thought you were refusing your sweep OP from your other thread?

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