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15+6 weeks pregnant and suffering from sciatica for 4 weeks. what can u do?

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punkpuffin Sun 09-Apr-17 20:13:51

I'm 15+6 weeks pregnant and for the last 4 weeks have had agonising sciatica. I can't stand or walk for more than a few mins, I have 2 ds 3yo & 1yo and dh has to keep coming home from work because I can't do things for them. I'm on cocodamol, use heat pads and a tens machine. I've seen a chiropractor a week ago but I can't afford to go back again. I have a physio appointment a week on Tuesday but that seems like forever. Is there any thing I can do to ease the pain.

Mosquitoburrito Sun 09-Apr-17 20:24:02

Sorry It's really awful and theres Not a great deal You can do. Acupuncture was the best paIn reliever for
Me done by an excellent physio.
Pain Killers aren't great for Nerve pain.. sorry your suffering.

punkpuffin Sun 09-Apr-17 20:39:58

One of my friends had accupuncture for back pain and said it was the best thing ever. I might have to try it!

MrsDilligaf Sun 09-Apr-17 21:21:04

Oh you poor thing. Sciatica is horrible, I've had it on and off from 8 weeks pregnant - DD is almost 14 months now so I've had back problems for nearly two years.

Acupuncture was brilliant for me - I had 6 sessions on the NHS as our physio team offer it. I don't think it is contra-indicated but definitely ask if it's offered.

Being in pain sucks when you can't take anything for it. Might also be worth checking if you can have asprin - I foumd it worked surprisingly well as pain relief (I just bruised like a peach while I was taking it)

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