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Baby's nursery decor

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TileTileTile Sun 09-Apr-17 16:37:16

Hello! I starting to decorate the baby's bedroom,and looking for inspiration.a lot of the photos on google images seem quite fake looking. What is your baby's bedroom like? Post a photo if you're happy to share. We are having a boy but trying to avoid the whole blue/pink thing as would prefer to have a range of colours and not force blue on him!!

knorrig Sun 09-Apr-17 16:41:53

Mint and grey - for a boy

2014newme Sun 09-Apr-17 16:43:26


Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Sun 09-Apr-17 16:44:18

We painted ds room white and ran a strip of orange stripey wallpaper horizontal around the whole room, sanded the floor and painted it turquoise (turquoise stripe in the paper also!) added Mothercare safari range accessories. .

TileTileTile Sun 09-Apr-17 17:13:16

Thanks grin I like the idea of mint.

Pinterest seems quite fake to me too - like they are show houses and not real houses almost? The pics seem too perfect!!

NapQueen Sun 09-Apr-17 17:16:24

We painted ours (didnt know what we were having) grey with white woodwork, grass green rug and curtains. When she arrived we got some little canvases of black and white cityscapes with floral mini's parked in them. And bought some bunting.

Ds didnt have a nursery as we only had two bedrooms so he got one of the alcoves in our bedroom for his stuff.

NapQueen Sun 09-Apr-17 17:21:44

A chest of drawers like this is a great item to start with as it will hold all of the babies clothes and work as a changing table. Itll outlast the baby stage and work for a child/teen too or be moved around the house.

No real need (imo) for a toddler wardrobe as who is hanging sleepsuits up grin

Add an armchair and a cot and a basket for toys and you are done.

NapQueen Sun 09-Apr-17 17:22:10

Oops forgot the pic!

Chocolatebuttons12 Sun 09-Apr-17 17:24:38

My DDs room. Not to everyone's taste but I love it.

Lemondrop09 Sun 09-Apr-17 17:28:26

I want to paint a landscape mural on one wall. Currently trying to decide whether to pay someone professional to do it (the quotes are coming back very high) or whether I can manage it myself with a projector and some paint shock I'm reasonably arty but not sure if I might be pushing it. I suppose if it turns out rubbish, we can just paint over it!!!

SelfObsessionHoney Sun 09-Apr-17 17:35:18

Currently stripped and needing to be plastered walls 😂 But will be multi coloured polka dot wallpaper on two walls and a pale blue/grey on the other two walls, cream furniture, multicoloured accessories.

SelfObsessionHoney Sun 09-Apr-17 17:35:31

Oh and sex unknown.

Littlelegs19 Sun 09-Apr-17 17:36:05

We just painted it cream with white wood work. We knew we were having a son but I'm not a fan of colour. We also got white cot bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers. Photo was taken a few days before sons surprise entrance!

Killerqueen2244 Sun 09-Apr-17 17:38:44

I found some Great Wall stickers on notonthehighstreet, there's loads of different designs that are more neutral like safari/jungle trees!

Bear2014 Sun 09-Apr-17 18:12:05

We're having a boy and are going with teal. We bought the paint before even getting pregnant though, and would have used it regardless of boy/girl/spare room! I quite like the idea of an Elmer Elephant theme but haven't looked to see what is available.

Wait4nothing Sun 09-Apr-17 18:20:48

These are photos pre-baby
We've got a ikea grey cot in there now where the Moses basket was. And a giant thumper toy sitting in the corner of the sofa.

Theyhaveallbeenused2 Sun 09-Apr-17 18:28:21

My boy is now a toddler but his bedroom is just white walls with black Peter pan wall stickers

Topsyloulou Sun 09-Apr-17 18:48:08

Our nursery was painted & had new carpet not long before I got pregnant so we didn't need to do much other than furnish it. It's creams & browns. We had a white cot bed & painted an old cupboard my grandad had made for me when I was a baby. Other than that we had a nursing chair with cream cushions. Added a bit of colour with some nautical accessories I picked up in the Dunelm sale.

DS is now 2.5 & we're just about to decorate again following having to replace the radiator. He'll be moving from the cot bed to a proper bed in preparation for when dc2 comes along later in the year. He's after a dinosaur theme so I'm checking out wall stickers, I definitely can't paint a mural myself!

Fuggyann Sun 09-Apr-17 18:57:49

Ours is being used as the spare room until our boy is old enough to go in there smile

n0ne Sun 09-Apr-17 19:47:54

DD's nursery had a kind of sunflower yellow on the walls, dark brown carpet and woodland themed bedding, curtains and a wall decal. The cot was just pine colour, the changing table was white (only one we could get at the time). I can't abide the whole pink/blue thing.

Frazzled2207 Sun 09-Apr-17 20:05:00

My son's room has a safari/zoo theme.
Got lampshade/curtains/bedding and wall stickers from John Lewis (it's called Animal Fun) and painted walls a very soft green and yellow.

wobblywonderwoman Sun 09-Apr-17 20:13:06

When D's was born we just went for pure white and a distressed with unit with an oak top. It was pricey but will last a lifetime.

I bought a blue and white stripe blind and a check rug

Now we have two ds and we have oatmeal carpet and white walls with one wall in a pale grey and blue check paper.

I just wanted a calm, plain room.

GrouchyKiwi Sun 09-Apr-17 20:13:12

This is our nursery. DD3 is now 11 months. I love the bright colour. There are rainbow accents all around the room too.

TileTileTile Sun 09-Apr-17 20:17:10

Oh, lots of inspiration! Thanks smile

TileTileTile Sun 09-Apr-17 20:17:51

The rainbows are lovely I might see if I can get some rainbow accessories 👍🏼

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