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Pregnancy Immediately after miscarriage?

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Mumtonone Sun 09-Apr-17 16:00:18

Looking for some advice. I miscarried on the 19th February, had a ERPC on the 27th February, stopped bleeding approx a week later. Negative pregnancy test taken the following week to confirm no residual products.

We were advised not to have sex until bleeding stopped and ideally wait until AF to TTC.

No AF as yet, however hubby and I have DTD. Took a blue dye pregnancy test on Friday and got a BFP - strong blue line. Had a bit of light cramping yesterday, some dilute pink discharge followed by some brown spotting. Took another test last night (same brand/pack) and it returned a very light positive.

Slightly freaked out. No discharge today, but bought a Clear Blue test. This has come back as 'Pregnant 1-2weeks'.

Not sure what to think. I'm assuming its now a bit of a waiting game as scans at this stage aren't going to show anything conclusive. However worried that the faded line in pregnancy test two is either indicative of a chemical pregnancy or another miscarriage.

Anyone experienced something similar?

OohNoDooEy Sun 09-Apr-17 16:07:03

Your wee was probably more diluted when you took the next test. There isn't much you can do except wait though I'm afraid. Fingers crossed for you

sitonyourbottom Sun 09-Apr-17 16:16:32

I got pregnant straight after an early miscarriage at six weeks. If CD1 was day I started bleeding (should have been bit over six weeks), I ovulated around CD14 and got a positive about 11 days after that.

However the fact it is fading could be a sign of chemical pregnancy (I just had one, positives for a week but then faded overnight and bleeding started a few days later). You never know though, just wait a bit longer then test again.

jld128 Sun 09-Apr-17 18:20:12

i had positive and negative tests for around 6weeks after my miscarriage and then a chemical one

i would wait a few weeks a month if you just to be sure before getting hopes up and then maybe ask dr for a blood test

fingers crossed xxxx

lazycrazyhazy Sun 09-Apr-17 19:01:20

I conceived straight after early Mc without a period. So lost baby was due late Jan and had my DS in late March. He was my smallest baby as the placenta was a bit unhealthy but he was fine and is now a thriving 25 year old. Don't panic!

Clarab0w Mon 10-Apr-17 08:56:43

so sorry for your loss, mumtonone . i went through similar and got pregnant two weeks after my ERPC. i called the EPU and they had me come in for scans and bloods because they were concerned it might not be a new pregnancy but an incomplete MC (so some 'matter' left behind causing my body to keep mistakenly producing preg hormones). it was a new pregnancy and he's now 8 months old.

my point is that if you let them know you've had a positive preg test, they'll probably want to give you a thorough once over, so you should be able to get some clarity either way - not knowing what's going on can be excruciating x

MissMooMoo Mon 10-Apr-17 13:09:02

Fingers crossed OP.
I got pregnant right after a MC at 6 weeks.
Today is my due date for the MC pregnancy and I am sitting here nearly 35 weeks along with the little bean that was conceived just 2 weeks later. It is possible that all will be well.

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