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5 year age gap

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user1491493761 Sun 09-Apr-17 12:01:30

I have just found out i am pregnant with baby number 2. My son is 5 and its always been the 2 of us, best of friends doing everything together. This pregnancy wasnt planned, the father wants me to have an abortion but if i dont wants to have contact with the baby, but for me Its still not sunk in yet that i am pregnant again, and the circumstances arent great, but i would lose my family if i terminated the pregnancy. In a way i want this, ive been so broody for ages and always wanted another, but its my son that im concerned about. We have always been just us, holidays and theme parks etc, i love it. Will my son resent and hate me? Or will everything work out okay? Anyone had the same situation but their child was absolutely fine? Just to add my son has just started to overcome separation anxiety too. I find myself feeling sad that im potentially going to ruin everything between me and my son. Does this get easier? Thanks

NannyPlum82 Wed 12-Apr-17 09:28:33

I've got two boys, who will be 5 and 8 when (all being well) this baby comes along.

I think it's always a worry about how a new baby will upset the family dynamic but I'm hoping the bigger gap will mean the older ones can help out and they at school allowing for solo.time with the baby too.

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