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Nesting! Laundry question...

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adlertippa Sun 09-Apr-17 11:45:55

Hello all,

I'm 29 weeks so only just third trimester but having a nice time with the windows open to the sun, going through heaps of baby stuff. We've barely bought anything yet but got lots of handmedowns from mates which I've been organising smile

There's a few things that are 100% cotton that are in good nick but quite stiff/rough due to many previous washes. In particular I've got a heap of reuseable nappies that are a towelling-type material that are dead rough to the touch and seem a bit harsh for a newborn.

If I wash them with fabric conditioner will they soften up, and is this a good idea? Is there any special way of refurbishing reusable nappies? This might seem quite dim but my mum never used fabric conditioner when I was a kid and I don't tend to now. I don't know if it's chemically for a baby or not an issue.

Any advice appreciated! Hope you're all enjoying the sun x

RedDahlia Sun 09-Apr-17 11:56:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

adlertippa Sun 09-Apr-17 12:06:14

Red thank you! I've had insomnia my whole pregnancy and fri night was so bad I spent most of yesterday in bed, cried with self pity more than once and cancelled my sat night plans... slept a rare normal nights sleep last night so having a brilliant day feeling like a human being today. And this weather! smile

Longji Sun 09-Apr-17 12:11:12

Fabric conditioner is fine for baby clothes but not for nappies, it makes them less absorbent. You could strip wash them with a dishwasher tablet and see if that helps to soften them up? Could just be a build up of detergent making them so stiff.

dementedpixie Sun 09-Apr-17 12:11:16

I don't think fabric softener should be used on reusable nappies as it stops them being so absorbent. I have heard of using white vinegar in the softener bit of the mmachine instead of softener for nappies

TuddlesAndSisses Sun 09-Apr-17 12:13:51

Do you have a tumble drier? It'll soften the nappies up, even though it seems a shame to use it on a day like this!

adlertippa Sun 09-Apr-17 13:41:30

Ah this is exactly the kind of advice I was hoping for, thanks so much everyone! I do have a tumble dryer, I'll wait for it to rain then use it so I don't feel bad, ha ha! I also do remember reading about stripping reusable nappies so will look into that, one of them says 'no bleach/vinegar/bicarbonate of soda' on the label but it's a different make than the others anyway.

Redyellowpinkblue Sun 09-Apr-17 13:48:17

I'd wait till there is a rainy day then give them a boil wash with napisan, and put them all outside as the rainwater will soften them up. Or you can boil wash with napisan and hang them out to dry but bring them in before they are completely dry and tumble dry to finish. Or final tip is white vinegar in the fabric softener drawer.
We used terry nappies with dd1 so speak from experience!

adlertippa Sun 09-Apr-17 14:03:04

Redyellowpinkblue that's genius! Have never considered rain useful beyond watering plants before ha ha. I'm sure this weather will break soon so I'll be ready!

Redyellowpinkblue Sun 09-Apr-17 14:08:34

Honestly, I promise it works grin

LoveMyLittleSuperhero Sun 09-Apr-17 14:10:27

White vinegar is wonderful for softening up reusable nappies without making them less absorbant. For the clothes we just use fairy fabric softener here which works great no dryer

Congratulations and I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly. Sorry to hear about the insomnia but hopefully it stays away now!

missymousey Sun 09-Apr-17 21:45:18

I got a load of uninspiring-looking (dingy, rough) reusable nappies as a handmedown. Soaked them in soda crystals and water for a couple of hours, then washed them on normal cotton cycle with half the amount of detergent (because I heard detergent could make them stiff). Massive improvement! If I had a tumble drier I'd have used that too.

haveacupoftea Sun 09-Apr-17 22:45:19

For the baby clothes its best to use non bio washing powder and comfort pure fabric conditioner

StrawberryJelly00 Sun 09-Apr-17 22:48:52

For a newborn I have been advised not to use fabric conditioner the skin is v. sensitive so you don't want to be using chemical unless necessary - like the previous poster said I soften the clothes with tumble drying.

dementedpixie Mon 10-Apr-17 07:06:00

I only used non bio for a few weeks and then switched back to bio as it cleans better. Also used fabric softener with no issues

FABpMummy Mon 10-Apr-17 07:23:52

Although non bio is popular for baby clothes, the evidence for it is poor. I still use it though.

Eeeeek2 Mon 10-Apr-17 08:07:15

Please don't use napisan/vinegar on nappies you could ruin them. Strip wash - wash them max 60 with full dose of powder then wash them with no powder until there is no more soap bubbles (no need to dry in between washes) or leave them out in the rain to rinse through well Great source of info on everything cloth nappy

Eeeeek2 Mon 10-Apr-17 08:10:09

Tumble dryer will soften nappies or sounds mad but give them a good flap/shake when you take them out of the machine

Don't use fabric softener it'll stop them being as absorbent

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