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Baby born on flight 28 weeks

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FeelingForSnow Sun 09-Apr-17 08:15:09

To start with I haven't come for an argument.
But have you seen BBC News where it says hat a woman gave birth to a baby girl 28 weeks in her pregnancy.

All ended up well and good and I'm pleased for it but that does not look like 28 week baby to me (not a medic) . Also I would have assumed she needed to be in intensive care at least for a few days straight away at that gestation age.

Am I the only one that thinks it must be a mistake.

Again, not arguing just curious and glad it all went well.

kathrynelizabeth3005 Sun 09-Apr-17 09:57:50

I saw this story and thought the same! Maybe it was a type and they meant to write 38 weeks.

alicemalice Sun 09-Apr-17 09:59:14

I agree, a 28 weeker doesn't look like that.

They are very typically in incubators and on oxygen, at the least.

DaisyQueen Sun 09-Apr-17 10:01:05

I saw this earlier and the baby looks full term to me. I'm currently 28 weeks and my baby app estimates the baby to be 2.2lb and 15inches long.

TinfoilHattie Sun 09-Apr-17 10:01:35

I have no idea what maternity services are like in Guinea. We're all so used to having scans and tests and knowing to the day how many weeks pregnant we are. Without scans it's perfectly possible that you could be 4, 8 or more weeks out in your dates. I would say it's more likely that she gave birth at 32 or 36 weeks. Well done that cabin crew!

FurryElephant Sun 09-Apr-17 10:08:30

I've seen 28 weekend born and that most definitely was not one of them! Which is very lucky as it would be one poorly baby born with no immediate medical help smile

thepatchworkcat Sun 09-Apr-17 10:14:58

I thought the same thing! I wondered if the mother was much further on and had lied about the dates so that she'd be allowed to fly and then the media are reporting the false date from the airline.

BarchesterFlowers Sun 09-Apr-17 10:16:01

Haven't seen it but DD was bork at 29 weeks weighing 1430g which was considered a very good weight. She wouldn't have survived without immediate intensive care.

Sounds like someone fudging their dates to be allowed to fly.

BarchesterFlowers Sun 09-Apr-17 10:17:24

born, and nearly 13 weeks in NICU. I had two lots of steroids for lung development at 24 and 28 weeks.

user1466690252 Sun 09-Apr-17 10:17:58

I thought that aswell. Posed for photos doing very well. I guess she was further gone than she realised. Glad all is ok tho

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