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Could i be pregnant?

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sparkles2815 Sun 09-Apr-17 07:32:40

Hi, I'm on the pill and missed a dose back in December. I take 3 packets in a row then have a week break. I've had my period in the week break. I've been feeling sick a lot recently but the last 3 days I've been sick within an hour of eating food but then by 4pm it stops. I normally love tea but really not liking the taste of it right now and can't drink it. I had some sporting a few weeks ago which isn't normal for me. I've just brushed it all off due to the fact that I'm on the pill. Could it be that I'm pregnant?

DuggeeHugs Sun 09-Apr-17 07:48:31

No contraception is 100%. The only way to know for sure is to take a test. Could you get one today and try it first thing tomorrow?

sparkles2815 Sun 09-Apr-17 08:02:35

Would it still say yes if I'm still taking the pill? Can I not do it this morning once the shops open?

frums Sun 09-Apr-17 08:05:59

A test will work if you are on the pill. Try one today, if you get a negative try one early tomorrow morning. You only need first morning wee if you are very early on and I guess you have no idea about your conception date.

Alyssapena1507 Sun 09-Apr-17 08:11:39

Had a c-section almost 4 weeks ago, well today I wanted to have sex we were doing oral before we started actually doing it I was on top for like 15 sec then decided to just stop because I was scared that I would get pregnant. He didn't cum or anything. Can I get pregnant I'm scared!! I just had a c-sectionsad is it dangerous!!

DianaMitford Sun 09-Apr-17 08:14:50

Huh Alyssa?

tissuesosoft Sun 09-Apr-17 08:21:19

I took a pill dose 6 hours late (family wedding and it slipped my mind), was supposed to be okay for up to 12 hours but fell pregnant with DD

sparkles2815 Sun 09-Apr-17 12:42:29

I've taken a test and it's negative.

Alyssapena1507 Sun 09-Apr-17 15:43:19

We were having sex for like a min without protection but I immediately stopped cause I didn't want him to cum in me. I'm worried that pre cum is gonna get me pregnant and I just had a c-section 4 weeks ago!

MrsChopper Sun 09-Apr-17 15:46:48

sparkles It may be worth doing another test in the morning with your first wee just to be sure.

DuggeeHugs Sun 09-Apr-17 15:54:05

Alyssa you should test in 4 weeks or so to be sure. If you're very worried you could always consult your midwife or GP about taking the MAP. Also worth keeping some contraception handy if you're not planning another immediately

OohNoDooEy Sun 09-Apr-17 15:58:23

Alyssa take the morning after pill or get the coil in.

OP - missing a pill in December would make you quite far along so I'd be surprised if it didn't show in a test unless it were overloaded with hcg - the hook effect

Alyssapena1507 Sun 09-Apr-17 16:16:00

Is it dangerous to get pregnant 4 weeks after a c-section?

DuggeeHugs Sun 09-Apr-17 16:22:55

Alyssa that's really a question for your midwife based on your particular circumstances

Expecting2017 Mon 10-Apr-17 14:07:23

I got pregnant on the pill!! But yeah December you'd be quite far along you'd have some sort of symptoms u imagine or maybe even a bump! Retest again in a few weeks to be sure x

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