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Is this definitely a baby boy?

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ashleighbean Fri 07-Apr-17 14:09:26

So weve just moved to a new area and had my 12wk scan at 11wk before we left our current area and so went to a private clinic this morning at 15wk 2days just for an up to date check as had some stomach pains and she said straight away your having a baby boy. I can see a lump on the picture shes given us but heard girls have these as me it doesnt look like defined boys bits to be certain. Baring in mind we only have a girl so cant really compare other scan photos from her as we didnt have a gender scan with her.

samm10 Fri 07-Apr-17 16:24:49

Hi , congratulations ! I'd say it looks like a boy I have a little boy and it looks similar . I think they say girls have 3 lines in that area xx

SummerRayne17 Fri 07-Apr-17 16:44:17

Hi. It does look like a boy, but 15wks gestation is still very early for sexing. If you want to be certain then give it another few weeks and have a further sexing scan. We had one just before 17wks and the 3 little lines of a girl were obvious!

SarahA549 Fri 07-Apr-17 17:03:24

Hi every one.first post since joining mumsnet. Pls I was just wondering if anyone has any experience, or have had any one who had skeletal dysplasia. I was told that my baby might have it.

FerdinandsRevenge Fri 07-Apr-17 17:15:15

Sarah you won't get many responses as you've posted on another thread and people will not see your question unless they happen to click on this one.

I'd start it here for the traffic.

SarahA549 Fri 07-Apr-17 17:21:59

AWW, thanks for letting me know. Am new to mumsnet. @ferdinandsrevenge

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